6 Reasons Women Donate Eggs

Women who choose to become egg donors do so for many reasons. Although many people assume that the main focus is compensation, the egg donation process is actually a very compassionate and thoughtful act that calls for a hefty investment in terms of the donor’s time, energy, and emotions. It is a safe and empowering process that many brave women agree to for very unselfish reasons. Below, we look at the six reasons women go through egg donation in Murray Hill.

  • Creating a Family

When you become an egg donor, you sign up to help another woman or family achieve their dream of becoming a parent. You are directly responsible for the birth of a new child, and your influence will be felt during their first birthday, first words, or first day in school. A mother can enjoy parenthood because of your contribution, and there is no better gift you could give them.

  • Solving Infertility Problems

For many donors, egg donation is about helping prospective parents that are struggling with infertility. The Centers for Disease Control confirms that 7.4 million women have visited the hospital for infertility services and that 1 in every 8 couples has difficulty conceiving or maintaining a pregnancy. Any number of reasons can cause infertility, and egg donation is a solution.

  • Gaining Financial Independence

While compensation is not the primary goal for egg donors, the process does come with some financial benefits. Some donors receive up to $10,000 for every completed cycle and are allowed to donate up to six times. Additionally, some donation programs pay repeat donors to freeze their eggs for their future use. The financial aspect can help a donator meet their goals, like travel or buy a home.

  • Continuing Your Legacy

Some women are not too crazy about motherhood but would like to continue their gene line. Fortunately, egg donation allows you to continue your legacy and give your baby the home they deserve with a parent looking forward to motherhood. You also have the option to donate to a friend or family member so you can see your legacy flourish, even from a distance.

  • Empowerment

A woman that can help another woman or family fulfill their wish of having a child is arguably the most empowered in the world. Giving another person the gift of a family is a very powerful experience and involves many sacrifices (medications, screenings, fertility treatments, etc.). It is an opportunity to change another person’s life for the better. 

  • Serving the Community

Egg donors have genuine compassion for the community of people looking for someone brave enough to help them build a family. Their actions show empathy, love, and selflessness in response to the plight of infertility and failure to conceive or maintain a pregnancy.

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Fertility treatments and egg donation spell new hope for families struggling with infertility. Peter Chang, MD of Noble Fertility Center, is dedicated to helping women achieve pregnancy and expand their families. He offers both directed and anonymous egg donation programs to this end and is ready to help you begin your journey. To learn more, schedule a consultation with Dr. Chang’s office through the online tool or call his New York City Office.

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