Why You Should See a Gynecologist

Sexual reproduction problems can lower your self-esteem, especially if you have a foul smell or symptoms associated with STDs. However, appropriate solutions for sexual reproductive concerns exist. Obstetricians such as Dr. Deshawn Taylor can deal with reproduction problems, pregnancy, and childbirth issues. She is well-trained, and they offer annual check-ups and treat reproduction issues. These are reasons to visit a gynecologist.

Conditions Treated By A Gynecologist

The gynecologist can treat pregnancy issues such as infertility problems. They can offer solutions for couples who have a hard time getting pregnant. They might advise about coping with the menopause symptoms and developing an effective family planning method such as contraception and sterilization. You can see a gynecologist with issues with tissue that supports the pelvis ligaments, muscles, and organs. Again, they can identify polycystic ovary syndrome in the developmental stages and deal with urinary and fecal incontinence syndrome.  

Painful Periods

Although your periods can be uncomfortable, they should not be overly painful. Period pain that gets worse over time might indicate health issues such as fibroids and endometriosis.  The pain period is manageable, and there are many solutions; therefore, you should not suffer from the conditions.

Vaginal Odor

Although vaginal odor is an uncomfortable topic, you can talk with your doctor when the smell does not seem natural. Bacterial overgrowth and vaginal infection can cause drastic odor changes in your vagina.

Swellings And Growth

Razor cuts and ingrown hair might not be an issue, but bumps that seem benign might be an issue. You will know if the swelling is worrisome after undergoing a physical exam. It is wise to get the exam done as soon as you notice the bumps, as genital warts might be visible for the first two weeks, and the next time you will see the warts is when they are recurring. They, therefore, pose a health concern when not identified immediately.

Sexual Discomfort

Sexual discomfort is manageable, especially if the doctor knows what your problem may be. For instance, vagina dryness might result from menopause and overuse of a particular hormonal birth control method.  If one lacks estrogen, they might develop vaginal dryness; again, if the woman has not had adequate foreplay before sex, they might experience vaginal dryness. Postmenopausal dryness might be treated with vaginal estrogen.

Another sexual problem is pain during sex which uncomfortable positions in bed might cause. Your doctor should know about the pain resulting from vaginal dryness and other infections.


STDs might increase issues such as infertility, and the physician would give the appropriate medications and counseling. For instance, conditions such as herpes are lifelong, and you would have outbreaks in the future, thus the need for counseling. The doctor might help determine the risk factors for problems such as cervical dysplasia and develop solutions for the problem.

Final Thoughts

You might face serious health concerns associated with your sexual life; thus, it would be wise to get annual exams. It is possible to treat sexual conditions such as STDs, cervical cancer, endometriosis, and sexual discomfort. However, you should give an appropriate account for each condition, making it easy to find a solution. Good luck getting the right solution for reproductive health issues.

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