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Coriolis flow meter can be stated to be a mass flow meter. This device has been constructed differently to serve different purpose when compared to differential or thermal mass flow meters. It is in the 1950s that the first industrial type has been patented. 

Function of coriolis mass flow meter

Mass is measured through inertia with this device. Dense or liquid gas flows through the tube that is later vibrated by small actuator. Measurable twisting force is produced by the acceleration on the tube that is proportional to mass. The more sophisticated types tend to use dual curved tubes to allow lower pressure drop and for higher sensitivity. 

Coriolis transmitter is rather regarded to be among the accurate flow meters available. However, if bubbles arise in the liquid, they are susceptible to errors. These bubbles may create ‘splashing’ in the tube, thereby generating noise and also change required energy for tube vibration. Energy required for tube vibration is increased inordinately by large cavities, which in turn will only lead to its failure. 

In short, this device measures liquids’ mass flow, like acids, water, chemicals, vapors/gases and caustic. However, fluid density changes do not affect measurement.

Few common applications

This device is presently used predominately for scientific applications requiring measurement of both clean and corrosive gases & liquids. Also, they are used in the following:

  • Wastewater management
  • Chemical processing
  • Oil & petroleum
  • Paper and pulp processing

Design of the device is straight, making it easy and effortless to clean it from time to time. It is for this reason, this device is preferred by pharmaceuticals, food & beverage applications. It also can manage slurries, which are found typically in mining operations. 

Coriolis Mass flow meter principle

It has very basic, but highly effective operating principle. The phenomenon can be found just about everywhere in this physical world. Classic example for the same can be the earth’s rotation combined with the effect that it has upon weather. There is a tube present in the meter that gets energized with fixed tube. 

Is it possible to measure gas with Coriolis?

There is a single or couple of tubes (bent or straight) in the high viscosity flow meter, which vibrates in its natural frequency. Hence, the meter is constructed to measure mass flow rate of any gas application, without actually requiring to compensate the density changes resulting due to temperature and pressure changes. 

Flow of all types of liquids can be measured by this meter, including non-Newtonian and Newtonian, and also moderately dense gases. For sanitary applications which meet clean in place necessities, there are available self draining designs. 

In the latest designs, Corolis meter performance is not affected by normal pipe vibration, if supported adequately by process piping. There are also not required special pads or supports for flow tube. However, the standard piping supports can be present on both sides of the meter. The web is the best place to find out the right type of device and to avail discounted coriolis flow meter price.

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