How Gel Fuel Electric Fireplaces Work

Traditional fireplaces are the epidemy of cozy. Not many things sound more appealing than curling up by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate and someone you love. The open flame and crackling logs in addition to the comfortable heat create the coziest environment. The downfall of a traditional fireplace is the effort and expense involved in operating it. You need real wood which means a workout for your body or your wallet. You need to clean it and the chimney. You need to build the fire each time you want to use it. All of this worth it to some people but for those who want the same luxury a traditional fireplace provides, an electric fireplace is a perfect solution.

If you have ever seen a Real Flame electric fireplace, then you would know that an electric fireplace can look extremely realistic. Additionally, a Real Flame fireplace uses gel fuel so it gets equally as hot but with much more control over the heat. If you just want to add a cozy aesthetic to your gathering, a Real Flame electric fireplace can run with no heat.

So how do Real Flame gel fireplaces work?

Real Flame electric fireplaces are easy to install. Each Real Flame fireplace comes with complete directions and the necessary Allen wrenches to complete the job (you will need your own screwdriver). On average, you can assemble one in under two hours.

Once assembled, you simply add a gel fuel canister to your Real Flame fireplace and you are good to go. Real Flame gel fuel is isopropyl and does not produce any smoke or ash. This negates the need for constant frequent cleaning so once you have set up your Real Flame fireplace, you do not need to put in a lot of extra effort. The gel fuel is mostly odorless as well and each 13-ounce can is only $3.00. A can will burn for about 2.5 to 3 hours and generate 3,000 BTU of heat so generally, you will want one can per 100 square feet with a maximum of 3 cans per fireplace.

Another cool thing about the Real Flame gel fireplace line is that it includes pieces that are specifically designed to fit into your current home’s aesthetic. For indoor electric fireplaces, you can purchase a Real Flame electric fireplace TV stand that offers a full entertainment center with an electric fireplace in the middle.

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If you are looking to add an outdoor electric fireplace to your home, Real Flame thought of that too. A Real Flame outdoor fireplace offers a luxurious touch to your patio. These outdoor fireplaces run off of propane but are just as easy to install as the indoor gel fireplaces.

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In addition to electric fireplaces, Real Flame has crafted contemporary furniture that fits perfectly with their fireplaces making Real Flame a one-stop-shop for your back patio design.

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If you find yourself looking to add a fireplace to your home that is low maintenance, a Real Flame electric fireplace is likely a great fit. You will find a large selection of Real Flame fireplaces and furniture at Home Shopping Malls.

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