Are Medical Records Helpful For Your Personal Injury Claim in Boston?

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While it is true that you are eligible to file a claim after getting into an accident, the process is not as simple as filling out a form. Your claim will most likely be rejected initially. Moreover, you will have to establish that the other party is responsible, which is not an easy thing to do without the help of a lawyer. Having medical records with you can significantly help your claim, as they will be evidence of the damages you suffered. In terms of what other evidence you can use, visit this website to learn more. 

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How is it useful?

So, when you present your medical records to the court or insurance company, they serve as evidence of the injuries you suffered and the expenses you had to take care of out of pocket. So, if you file a legal or insurance claim, the court or the adjuster will make a decision based on the evidence. To do this, they will take into consideration the kind of injury you suffered and the extent to which it is affecting your life.

Note that in case something seems off, the insurance company can challenge your claim and ask for a medical evaluation of their own. 

There is another catch, the medical record serves as a piece of evidence that the injury you have is a result of the accident and is not pre-existing. There have been instances when the insurance company tried to prove that the injury was pre-existing as a means to reject your claim. The insurance company will have no room to do that with medical evidence and a doctor’s opinion. All these things combined can help strengthen your case a lot and get you the compensation you deserve. 

Final thoughts:

Medical records are one of the very first things victims need to focus on if they want their claims to succeed. The medical records should be detailed to have all information about the kind of injury the victim sustained, and how much it is affecting their life. 

The lawyer will use this information to establish the economic and non-economic damages you have suffered. In case you need treatment in the future as well, it will be taken care of. If you are finding it all overwhelming, a lawyer can help with gathering the evidence for your claim.

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