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Good to Know an Excellent Air Conditioner Repair Company

Deciding on whether or not to purchase a new air conditioner depends on a few things. The age of the air conditioner is always a huge factor. If the air conditioner is over 10 years old then most likely after one thing is fixed, another issue will follow soon after. So take into consideration that due to the age for the AC, it may have to work twice as hard to achieve the same amount of work. What that means for your household is a higher electricity bill. With this in mind, many people will choose to move forward.

The newer or more modern the AC the more energy efficient it is. What that means is that the household, in general, will save money. Also, a modern air conditioner is more convenient because it takes no time to cool the area. Customers who choose to stick with their old air conditioners will find that when it breaks down some of the parts or solutions are harder to find. This can be a real hassle. R22 Refrigerant is a chemical that was used in air conditioners some years ago.

This chemical kept the air that was coming through the AC cool. Another name for this agent was Freon. Once it was determined that Freon was aiding in depleting the ozone layer it was placed on a list of things to be phased out. It did not discontinue suddenly, due to the fact that so many Americans had a need for the agent in order for their air conditioners to work. However, those who kept their air conditioners for a longer period of time found that when they needed to repair it the solution had to be purchased by a certified technician.

Because of the reduced amount of air conditioner Freon being made, the supply is limited. Due to the limited supply, the cost of R22 Refrigerant is high. In a few years, only recycled air conditioner Freon will be able to be sold. When it comes to reclaiming and recycling the agent there are stringent rules in place.

In this situation, it would sensible to upgrade your air conditioner. Newer systems use solutions that are more environmentally safe. One solution is called R410a. R410a has been tested to be slightly safer.

If an air conditioner is older and it is in need of repair, find out the cost of the repair first. For example, if the problem is that it needs a new compressor, keep in mind compressors are expensive. An average compressor could run anywhere from $300 to $1, 800. It all depends on the type and size of the compressor. Also, it matters if the AC will be installed by a layperson or if a professional will take care of it. Keep in mind a brand new air conditioner can cost anywhere from $1, 500 $4, 000. So make sure the right decision is made.

Having a relationship with a good trustworthy air conditioner repair shop can be worth it. Every year thousands of consumers lose millions of dollars by scams or simply by purchasing an air conditioner that is much more powerful than was needed for their small home.

Being able to brag and say, “this company repaired my AC unit“‘ can be good a feeling. It is well known that by working with this company the customer is in excellent hands. Not only will the customer be able to say, “this company repaired my AC unit”, but they will also be able to brag and say that, “this company helped us save money”.

A good air conditioner repair shop can let families know an awful lot about not only repairs but about purchases. They can give tips on what to stay away from and what is simply do not needed. Also, when it comes to maintenance they are there to make sure the right things are being done in order to prolong the life of the unit.

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