Why silver ring is important to express your affection and passion for love?

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There are many metals, but there are few that have the symbolism and the aura of silver. Silver ring is elegant, but it is also mysterious. It is a metal that marries the night, its white reflections are like flashes of moonlight on your skin. However, silver was known as the metal which symbolizes the Moon, and Gold as the Sun, in ancient times. And, since then it has been used to make some of the most beautiful jewels that exist.

A flash of silver in your hands

Silver is one of the favorite metals to show and express your love and affection to your mate. Each new jewel, each new creation in silver, is born with that halo of mystery, with those subtle, and elegant reflections. It is a character definitely different from gold, more evident, more proud, and even more ostentatious. Silver also combines perfectly with pearls or zircons, which almost seem to have been born to merge into a jewel.

This fusion is especially evident in the Sterling silver stackable rings, the touch of distinction for your hands both on an ordinary day and on your wedding day. An elegant and beautiful jewel to wear on an important evening, at a dinner with friends, or every day of your life, always with you, symbolizing something important. And with silver, creativity has no limits. You can imagine a thousand possibilities that fit a woman’s hand.

Silver Rings with Pearl

The silver rings for women fit perfectly with pearls. You can feel the jewel and look for organic, lively forms. In addition, with zircons, women’s silver rings can take many forms that would not be adaptable to the pearl or other type of gem.

Sterling silver rings with zirconia

Zircons are ideal for wedding bands when combined with silver, with very elegant and vivid results. A ring at the height of the occasion. Sterling silver set with zircons and combined with a beautiful cultured pearl.

Silver ring ideal for engagement

As delicate interlocking forms, this silver ring symbolizing the “infinity” is set with 2 zircons. Ideal as an engagement ring. On the other hand, in the more robust silver rings, the zirconia adds a subtle point that makes them irresistible. A solid, forceful style that fits with everything in this sterling silver ring set with a central zirconia.

Silver rings with pearl and zirconia

Why limit ourselves to one or the other? Both gems combine perfectly with the metallic white of silver, with no greater design limit than the artist’s imagination. Ideal for summer – a sterling silver ring in the shape of a gerbera, mounted with cultured pearl, and set with zircons.

You will find other models of rings, and also silver earrings and pendants. But remember – if you don’t find what you’re looking for, maybe it’s because it doesn’t exist and must be created. If you want your silver ring to be crafted, you can ask the seller to help you shape that silver ring, or that personalized jewel, that you can’t find.

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