Best Labs For Testing In Kansas City

What’s great about the medical sector of any country, aside from the obvious that it saves lives and helps the sick, is that it carries out so many other functions. Lab testing and medical tests measure the proportions and percentages of the various components that make up the body. Lab testing is necessary because it helps one understand what is deficient in the body and what is in excess in the body to increase or decrease that component via medication or dietary supplements. Before any of this can be prescribed, a sample of the blood, urine, or any other component of the body must be tested in a lab facility.

Let’s get into the functioning and methods of lab testing. Then, we will look at the best facilities for lab testing in Kansas City.

What are the kinds of lab tests done?

Diagnostic experts can test any part of the body by merely taking a sample of the same and sending it to a lab for testing. Some common lab tests include swab tests, blood tests, and urine tests, which are then used for a number of things.

Blood tests

Blood tests are incredibly important because we can find out anything about a particular human body by looking at the contents of their blood. Blood tests are also incredibly important when it comes to diagnosing medical issues like anemia and even dengue.

Note that all blood tests are not the same, but they have similar requirements on the part of the patient. Some blood tests require that you do not eat for about ten or twelve hours prior to the drawing of the blood, whereas some others do not.

Here are some common blood tests and what they’re for:

  1. Complete blood count

There are three major blood cells in the body, which are red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. Complete blood count tests check the levels of hemoglobin, hematocrit, etc., which are important to figure out deficiencies in the body for the same. Deficiencies of these components can be very harmful. Thus routine blood tests are important.

  1. BMP (basic metabolic panel) and CMP (complete metabolic panel)

These tests look at the various components in your body involved in metabolism. BMP looks at calcium, potassium, glucose, carbon dioxide, blood urea nitrogen (BUN), electrolytes, etc. CMP looks at the total level of protein and the various enzymes used to process foods by the body. If found to have an abnormal level of any of these components, it can lead to dire consequences such as diabetes and kidney problems, liver problems, pancreatic problems, among various others.

  1. Lipid panel

This is a cholesterol test and can be of two types – to check the ‘good’ cholesterol as well as to check the ‘bad’ cholesterol. Good cholesterol assists the liver in breaking down foods in the body, whereas bad cholesterol increases your risk of heart diseases.

  1. Thyroid panel

Your thyroids produce certain hormones and react to others, and with abnormal levels of thyroid in the body, several health problems can come one’s way.

Urine tests

Urine tests are also called urinalyses, and their functions include helping figure out and diagnose any problems with the liver, kidneys, and also blood sugar. The following are the kinds of urine test conducted:

  1. Visual urine test

This is as simple as checking the color of the urine – if it is brown or red, there is blood, and it can indicate other problems. If it is foamy, it indicates an infection, which requires further diagnosis.

  1. Lab urine test or urinalysis

Microscopic tests conducted, which indicate levels of blood cells, level of bacteria (to indicate infection), and the level of crystals (which indicate kidney stones).

  1. Dipstick test

This test consists of a plastic strip with chemicals, and it checks the acidity pH levels, protein, glucose, nitrites, bilirubin, and others, to diagnose any problems in the body.

Kansas City Lab Testing Centers

Kansas City lab testing is reasonably priced and affordable for all. The following is a list of a few good lab testing centers in Kansas City:

  1. Test Smartly Labs
  2. St Luke’s Regional Labs
  3. Quest Diagnostics
  4. Labcorp
  5. Blue Valley Laboratories
  6. Great Plains Analytical Laboratory
  7. Alar Lab
  8. Any Lab Test Now
  9. Environmental Science Corporation
  10. Kansas City Lab Testing & Engineering


All in all, Kansas City has several chain stores for you to meet your testing needs. Above listed are 10 of these lab centers, and also listed for you are where the different kinds of blood and urine tests are done.

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