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Your smile is one of the most defining features about you. As such, you would do well to maintain a bright, straight, and white smile. Thanks to modern inventions in medicine, you can successfully restructure your smile. For treatment by a capable dentist in Woodland Hills, CA, contact Dr. Gordon and Dr. Fahid of Couture Smiles Dental Group. Together they excel in offering full-mouth reconstructions to address any damage and decay, improving the aesthetics of your smile.

What is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Proficient dentists, Dr. Gordon and Dr. Fahid, have extensive training and an outmatched skill set in administering multiple dental treatments. Together, they can offer you a comprehensive treatment plan to address all your dental needs and introduce a healthy, attractive smile.

If one restorative treatment is insufficient to address your smile fully, they may recommend undergoing a full-mouth reconstruction. This treatment typically entails numerous dental treatments and may involve restoring or replacement of most of or all your teeth.

What Treatments are Part of a Full-Mouth Reconstruction?

Dr. Gordon, the practice’s periodontist, starts treatment by establishing a solid foundation for your smile through healthy gums. Then, your smile is restructured by combining a series of treatments such as:

·       Porcelain veneers

·       Bridges and crowns

·       Dental bonding and implants

·       Porcelain inlays and onlays

·       Teeth whitening

How Can I Identify the Dental Treatments I Need?

Your dentist at Couture Smiles Dental Group recommends specific treatments according to your individual needs and smile goals. They harmonize your muscle, gums, teeth, and bone structure to ensure your smile is ideal, aiding in avoiding headaches and muscular jaw aches.

A full-mouth reconstruction increases the aesthetics of your smile while boosting the functionality of your teeth. To learn more about the benefits of full-mouth reconstruction, turn to Couture Smiles Dental Group.

The Procedure of Full-Mouth Reconstruction

If you desire full-mouth reconstruction or a smile makeover, your treatment begins with a consultation and examination. In this stage, your provider examines your mouth and identifies the treatments that guarantee peak results on your smile. Drs. Gordon and Fahid further listen to your concerns, objectives, and expectations to determine the efficacy of your treatment plan.

You will need to make several follow-up visits to the office over the coming weeks and months to finalize your treatments. Some treatments, such as in-office teeth whitening and fillings, can be done in one appointment. However, other therapies, including crowns, veneers, or any orthodontic treatment, require multiple sessions for complete installation.

At Couture Smiles, the team applies the most innovative technology to attain maximum results through your full-mouth reconstruction.

List of Services

In addition to full-mouth reconstruction, the experts at Couture Smiles further deliver a variety of quality dental treatments such as:

·       Dental cleanings

·       CT scans

·       Dental bridges

·       Gum disease treatments

·       Dental bonding

·       Porcelain veneers

·       Implants

·       Digital X-rays

·       Tooth extractions

·       Sedation dentistry

·       Root canal treatment

·       Teeth whitening

A beautiful smile can positively impact your confidence and dental health. With the latest treatments, you can have a total transformation of your smile to align with your requirements. If you are contemplating having a full-mouth reconstruction or another dental treatment, Couture Smiles Dental Group can help. Call or book an online appointment today.

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