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When you visit a doctor, you expect treatment and betterment of your condition. But what if the medical provider does some negligence and your condition deteriorates? It sounds scary. Isn’t it? It is called medical malpractice. You can claim compensation for the pain and suffering and economic loss caused due to this. A medical malpractice law firm in Miami can make it easier for you. But you should also be aware of the types of medical practice to know about your rights better. So in this blog, you will read about the same. 

Incorrect diagnosis

Diagnosis means identifying the disease based on symptoms and examination. But if the doctor neglects a few signs, he may make an incorrect diagnosis; you won’t receive the necessary treatment. Correct diagnosis is pivotal in providing appropriate treatment. 

Birth injuries

It occurs when your doctor commits an error while delivering your baby. The most common type of birth injury is cerebral palsy which arises due to lack of oxygen during baby delivery. 

Medication error

Sometimes there can be an error in medications. For example, the doctor may give you the wrong prescription, or he may provide incorrect doses. In a hospital setting, a nurse may give incorrect medications.

Surgical errors

In some cases, doctors may mistake performing surgery on the wrong part or inadequate post-surgical care. Moreover, not maintaining proper hygiene during the surgery can lead to infections. 

Incorrect treatment

Your doctor may provide incorrect treatment for an injury or critical illness that increases the complications. 

Anesthesia errors

Doctors give general anesthesia before performing any major surgery. There is a particular dose of anesthesia that varies from person to person. There can be a case in which the anesthesiologist gives an extra amount of anesthesia or does not monitor the vital signs that may cause irreversible damage to the brain and can even lead to death in some cases. 


Bedsores occur when you lie down at one position for an extended period. If there is a lack of movement, bedsores may occur. It generally happens in the case of paralyzed individuals and is a sign of negligence by the medical staff. The medical staff must change the position of the paralyzed person as the person won’t be able to change his work on his own.


Though the medical staff is very responsible, they can sometimes become negligent and result in long-term health problems. It is good to rely on your doctor, but you should be equally alert while taking treatment.


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