Debt Collection: Proper Solutions

Sometimes the borrower is faced with a situation where it is impossible to repay the debt, because the bailiffs are inactive, for example, because of the heavy load. In this case, you can first write a complaint to the head of the loan company or go to court with a statement declaring the official’s inaction illegal. If it is possible to prove this fact, then the losses, according to the Budget Code, can be recoveredfrom the treasury. Choose the Debt Collection Agency London for the perfect results.

Before going to court, you will need to describe what actions the employee did not take. For example, he did not send a request to the bank about the borrower’s accounts, did not receive information about the debtor’s real estate, etc. Recovery of losses in this case will be effective if the borrower possessed the property during the enforcement proceedings, and the claimant submitted the necessary information or filed a complaint.

Why they may not collect the debt

They will not be able to collect a debt from an individual if the lender does not have enough evidence that he lent money, if the debtor does not have funds, property and official salary on the accounts. In this case, the enforcement proceedings are closed. Also, one of the reasons is the inability to prove the inaction of the bailiffs and collect funds from the treasury.

Consolidated enforcement proceedings

Consolidated enforcement proceedings are created when several enforcement proceedings of a property nature have been initiated against one debtor. This is so that, when collecting in favor of several people, the bailiffs take action not on each individual proceeding, but on the consolidated one as a whole. Aided by the Debt Collectors London you can find your money back now.

Recovery from accounts and salaries of the debtor

Bailiffs can foreclose on the wages and other income of the debtor, if it is prescribed by the executive documents. In doing so, they must take into account the amount of the living wage. The bailiffs can withhold money from the salary if the debtor’s finances and other property are not enough to fulfill the requirements of the executive document in full.

Citizens quite often need to receive money from other individuals who have ceased to service debts to them. How to act in such a situation and are there ways to prevent the problem

It regulates not only the activities of collection agencies, but also the procedure for collecting debts by all creditors. The law also applies to individuals, provided that the amount of debt is more than 50 thousand rubles. If the debt that one citizen is trying to collect from another is more than this amount, it can only be collected with restrictions established by law to protect the rights of debtors.

Trekking to the collectors

To make life easier for creditors who do not know all the intricacies of the law, can appeal to collectors from the register, which is maintained by the Federal Service of Bailiffs, professionally engaged in debt collection now there are 129 companies. Every month 10-15 private creditors contact us with a request to recommend a collection agency for collecting debts from individuals. However, large “white” agencies rarely and reluctantly take on such debts. Debts from private traders always require more individual work, they are often incorrectly legalized, and sometimes they have no documentary evidence at all.

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