Diagnosis of Cataracts Eye Disorder

Cataracts are a health condition that develops in your eye, making the lens look foggy. People with cataract disorder have difficulty seeing. According to research, every person can incur cataract disorder. However, older adults, individuals with eye problems, and people who have ever experienced eye injuries are more likely to get cataracts. A cataract develops slowly, changing the tissue that makes your eye lens. At its early stages, you can wear eyeglasses to enhance your sight, but it is vital to seek treatment. If you are suffering from cataracts in Atlanta, visit Atlanta Vision Center for treatment of severe and non-severe cataracts through surgery and medication. Below are the signs and symptoms of a cataract.

The Signs and Symptoms of Cataracts

There are many signs and symptoms of cataracts, which can be physical and psychological. These signs and symptoms include:

  •       Seeing double objects in one eye
  •       Fading of objects
  •       Needing bright light during reading or working
  •       Dim, cloudy, and blurred vision
  •       Straining to see close and far objects
  •       Changing of eyeglasses frequently

The cataract starts developing at the sides of your eye. As time goes on, the cataract spreads and covers your lens. This condition can develop to one eye or both eyes. It is essential to see the doctor when you notice any abnormal conditions in your eyes. Below are the factors that may accelerate the occurrence of cataract eye disorder.

Factors That Promote the Occurrence of Cataract Eye Disorder

There are many factors that may lead to cataract disorder. These include:

  •       Genetic inheritance. Genes are body components that make people different from others. If one of your closest family members had a cataract, you are likely to develop the disorder as well. This is brought by the inheritance of genes from the person with the cataract to you.
  •       Age. Older adults are more likely to have cataracts than young people.
  •       Eye injuries. If you have ever had an eye injury, you are likely to have a cataract. The injury may interfere with the tissues that make up the eye lens, thus allowing the occurrence of cataract.
  •       Smoky environment. You may develop eye problems if you come across smoke every day. The smoke builds up and changes the color of your lens tissues, thus causing a cataract.

How is cataract eye disorder diagnosed?

There are a variety of techniques you doctor can use to diagnose cataracts. These techniques include:

  •   Retinal examination. Your doctor will first put some medicine drops into your eye to widen the pupil. This makes it easy for your doctor to examine the retina. The doctor will use an ophthalmoscope to check the presence of a cataract.
  •   Visual acuity test. This technique is used to test how you can see a series of letters. Once you strain, your doctor may test the presence of a cataract.

Eyes play a significant role in your life. It is vital to seek medical attention when you notice abnormal behaviors in your eyes. Visit Atlanta Vision Cataract & Laser Center for more information about the treatment of cataract eye disorder.


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