Easier Ways to Fix Your Sewer


In the last few decades using ceramic piping has been very common among home builders. Commonly, the ceramic piping is used in the case of the sewer. The sewer piping is easily laid and is known to be long lasting. However, piping that was laid two decades ago is starting to fail. Tree roots, shifting ground and just long term wear and tear has destroyed ceramic piping. Causing sewers to back up and many other home problems. The only way to fix this used to be to tear up the whole sewer line and replace it. This basically destroyed the entire yard and is very expensive. Luckily, there is a new and improved trenchless sewer repair.

Here are a few common sewer problems.

Backing Up- Do you have a child in your house? Front loading washers love to eat baby and children’s socks. Then they try to push them out through the sewer system. Somewhere along the main line they start to build up and eventually cause major problems.

Line Breaks- Super cold years can cause a main line to freeze or break. The ground shifts when the weather starts to cool or warm. So spring and fall is very common for the ground to shift and cause major problems for your sewer mainline.

Tree roots can also cause line breaks. Tree roots, believe it or not, are stronger than ceramic piping and will grow into the lines and cause them to break.

Over watering of your lawn can also cause major shifts in the dirt. This can cause major problems with the sewer line if water above or below it starts to wash out. It puts a lot of pressure on the line and eventually it may break.

Wear and Tear-Eventually, sewer lines just fall to the typical wear and tear. After years and years of use or too much draino the lines just start to crack and fail. So when this happens the line will need to be replaced.

What to Do?

The obvious fix is to tear up the entire line and replace it. This is costly. It cost money to do the line repair and fix the yard once the line repair is done. So try trench less line repair.

The new trenchless sewer repair system utilizes a system similar to horizontal oil drilling. There is a machine that has a drill on the front and an attachment on the back. The attachment on the back drags along new line and the drill on the front pushes out the old damaged line. There is a machine at the front and back of the line repair.

The machine then pushes and drills the old line out and pulls new line behind it. This means that their really only has to be a hole at the beginning and end of where you want the line repair to be.

The Downside

Although this is a great option for spans of straight line it doesn’t work for turns. If at any point your sewer line has to turn 90 degrees you will have to dig the line up in that area. However, despite that this is still a great option for avoiding having to dig up an entire yard.


Sewer repairs are a common problem that home owners have to deal with. Ceramic piping placed decades ago is starting to fail. So luckily, the trench less sewer line repair was created and designed to fix spans of sewer line without having to fix the entire line. There are many sewer problems that can come along. Be sure to have a trusted professional help you with repair.

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