Uh-oh! My Garage Door Won’t Close!

Automatic garage door openers are a wonderful machine to have in your home. They can make life easier as they open or close your garage door with a mere touch of a button. However, like all machines, they do not always work properly and can break.

What should you do when your garage door just will not shut? You could try to fix it yourself, although that may only end up making the issue worse. Or you could call a professional residential garage door repair Carrollton Texas. Doing the latter may end up saving you both time and money, as many do-it-yourself attempts result in more expensive fixes later on.

What To Do First

Before you do anything else, take a good look around to be sure there is not an object blocking the visual sensors of the equipment. This is the most likely cause of the issue, as even a small object can stop the mechanism from working properly. While this safety precaution helps ensure the door does not close on a person or beloved pet, it can also cause the opener to not do its job properly when a stray toy or box is in the way.

In addition, you will need to check the track that the door runs along for any sort of obstruction as well. The tension spring associated with the track should also be checked for stretching or breakage.

Once you have done that, check the safety sensors as they may need a good cleaning after being in the garage for a long period of time. Even something as simple as a cobweb could keep them from working properly.

These sensors also need to be re-aligned from time to time. Check each one, and if you do not see a light this could be your issue.

If the door is still not closing, check out the wall station. Place consistent pressure on the wall station until you see the door touch the ground. If the door closes this way, the problem is most likely the result of a power surge from something like being wet or a bolt of lightning. If you are able, you can re-align the safety sensors yourself, or you may want to call a professional residential garage door repair Carrollton Texas.

Manual Release

When all of these attempts have failed, it is time to pull the manual release cord. The cord should be found on the opener. When pulled, the opener will release the door so that you will be able to close the door yourself using the handle which most doors have near the bottom. This way your door will at least be closed while you continue to locate the problem. As many garage doors lead directly into the home, it is important to not leave it open all night long. Therefore it can be incredibly stressful when the door will not shut properly.

Call A Professional

You may find yourself in need of a professional residential garage door repair Carrollton Texas. There are a number of issues that could cause your door to be unable to close that you cannot fix yourself. A professional will be able to help you with these or even simply give your garage door a tune-up to keep the problems at bay.

Remember, your garage door opener will not work properly if the garage door itself has problems opening and closing on its own.

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