Rattling Sounds Inside Your AC Unit, What Does It Mean

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A rattling air conditioner unit is not pleasant and is the first sign in recognizing that a repair is needed. Many homeowners deal with this problem on a day to day basis, but the biggest issue is when they go and try to fix it themselves. Homeowners should not go digging through their AC Unit trying to find the source of the rattling sound if they do not know what they are doing. A professional is needed to do a proper examination of the AC Unit to detect any problems, in the case a rattling sound, that are occurring.

An air conditioner unit is made up of three parts; the outdoor compressor, indoor air handler and the air ducts. The rattling sound that can be heard from inside of the home can be coming from any three of these systems. With that being said, that is why a proper examination needs to happen so the correct system can be identified and fixed. The main sections of the air conditioner unit are interconnected which could make it more challenging, but not impossible, to find precisely where the rattling sound is coming from.

The crucial parts of the air conditioner unit is found inside the outdoor compressor. The compressor has a motor attached to it that is not the quietest piece. This should be checked first for the rattling sound because it already produces a lot of sound in itself. Loose hardware inside the motor/compressor could be the reason as to why someone is hearing the unpleasant sound coming from their unit. If this is checked and is not the source, checking the other systems would be the next necessary step.

The blower assembly is the main part inside the indoor air handler. This includes a motor with a fan. While air is blowing through the system, a rattling sound can occur. If this is the case, the indoor air handler will need to be adjusted to the point where the rattling sound is eliminated. Just like stated before, the rattling sound could be coming from the outdoor compressor but is being heard through the indoor air handler. If the indoor air blower is not making noise when the air conditioner unit is still activated, this is given proof that the air handler is not the source of the rattling.

Lastly, if the air ducts are the source of the sound, there would be more of a rumbling sound rather than a rattling sound. If the air ducts are in question, it is important to look at the compressor and the handler again because the sound may be reaching the air ducts when they themselves are not the prime source of it. They are usually likely to not be the cause of the rattling.

Something that people may not realize to consider is that the window units could be the issue. The window units could be rattling due to the air conditioner unit and this would cause for a new window unit and or frame for the air conditioner to be supported in. Make sure that the rattling sound isn’t coming from something in front or in back of the air conditioner unit before calling a professional.

Tips in preventing rattling sounds coming from an air conditioner unit would be to regularly change the AC unit filter, have the AC inspected regularly even if there is not an obvious problem, and have any issue that occurs inspected immediately and do not let it wait.

The longer you wait to fix the rattling, the worse it could get and it could potentially cause further issues within the air conditioner unit. Commercial AC repair can be found via online and contacted. Commercial AC repair takes inquiries seriously and plans to fully resolve any air conditioner unit issues precisely and efficiently.

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