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We all want our businesses to remain relevant, and it won’t do at all to have a business that doesn’t keep up with the times. One particular way you can stay on-trend – and easily noticed – is by revamping your website. A lot of business owners choose to revamp their websites at the beginning of the year, and so should you. But the foremost question on your mind would probably be how you can do it properly. There are a lot of things you can do, but the trick is to prioritise what matters most. So how can you effectively revamp your website for this new year? Let’s find out.

  • Research your competitors

One of the very first things you can do – before you can even begin making changes – is to research your competitors. In other words, find out what they’re doing. The activities they are focused on would give you a good idea of what is happening in your industry or niche. If you want, you can make use of special tools that would measure your competitor websites’ overall performance. For instance, you can turn to tools such as Google Alert and SimilarWeb, which allow you to keep track of your competitors’ websites so you know what they are up to. Another tool, Ahrefs, could help you generate statistics on your competitors’ sites and even tell you what you can do so you can stay ahead of your competition.

  • Always keep it simple

This can’t be stressed enough – always keep it simple. Sometimes, when we are trying to revamp our websites, we tend to overdo it and cram it with all the information we can think of. But this isn’t really in keeping with the trend of simplicity and minimalism, and, what’s more, you could just end up confusing your audience. The key is to concentrate not just on your visuals but also on your website’s content, flow, and structure, as website design experts such as Expre Digital Ltd know very well.

But what can you include and incorporate? One example would be vector arts, which are not only light and easy to understand but timeless as well. You can also include explainers for animation and videos, which can help you impart information in a much quicker way – but make sure the videos aren’t too long and make the videos small so they don’t affect the speed of your website.

  • Change your layout

The type of layout you have for your website can also have an impact on how relevant it will remain, so you may want to change your layout as well. You can opt for an asymmetrical style and design if you would like to have a more modern-looking website, and as long as you work with a great designer who is skilled, you can definitely pull this off. But if you would like your site to look orderly and impart an impression of class and elegance, you can opt for a symmetrical style and design.

Don’t forget to make it as functional and user-friendly as possible, and understand that visitors want to see the most important and essential details as soon as they step onto your site. Make sure that your site is optimised for mobile and can be navigated easily by anyone.

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