What You Can Really Expect When You Get Anti-Wrinkle Injections: Your Best Guide

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The anti-wrinkle injection has long been seen as one of the best ways you can tackle wrinkles and fine lines on the face, and it can even be used to treat other conditions such as hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating or even teeth grinding. But if you are thinking of having anti-wrinkle injections and are wondering how the procedure goes – before, during, and after – then it pays to know all that you can about it so you can be confident that everything will go as smoothly as possible. The procedure itself is low-risk, and it is not that painful, either, especially since the needle is tiny and all you’ll feel is a pricking sensation. But what else can you really expect when you get anti-wrinkle injections? Here’s your best guide.

A consultation

Before you undergo the actual procedure, you may go through a consultation first, and your facial area will be assessed. You will also be asked about your medical history to make sure that you are in good condition and are suitable for the treatment. If you have had other treatments, you should inform the clinic or centre as well so they can understand what you went through and will be able to recommend the best procedure for your needs.

Before the treatment

Once everything is understood and you are cleared for treatment, you will be made comfortable, and when you are ready, your treatment can start. The area will be cleaned and they may also use ice so the area becomes numb. Other centres may also make use of a special cream that will numb the area before the procedure.

During the treatment

The anti-wrinkle injections will be performed with the use of a fine needle, usually, the same kind of needle that is used for the insulin injections of children who are diabetic. Some clinics and centres, such as looklovelylondon.co.uk, even make use of microfine needles that are a lot less painful than even the smallest insulin needles. Most individuals are surprised at how relatively painless the procedure is, apart from a slight stinging which lasts for just a few seconds.

After the treatment

The entire procedure will usually take only 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the areas being treated, and you may notice tiny bumps but these bumps will usually clear in a few minutes as well. There is no ‘recovery period’ per se – as soon as it is done, you can simply leave the centre or clinic and perform your usual tasks for the day.

You may be advised not to exercise for a day after the procedure because you may ‘sweat out’ what has been injected, and you may also be told not to lie down for up to four hours after the procedure. You may have some small bruises due to the needle, but if this happens, you can apply concealer and the bruises should clear up in three to five days.

The results

The results will be more readily apparent within two to seven days after the treatment, and you will be able to see the maximum effects in about one week to three weeks. The results can last from three to four months, but this can also vary per person, with some results lasting for up to six months.

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