Erectile Dysfunction: Common Causes and Treatment

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At some point in life, a man may find himself having trouble getting and maintaining an erection. Some find themselves having such issues at a very young age. Most people are embarrassed to talk to their doctor about it, but the good news is that the condition is treatable. Ramesh Kumar, MD, offers sexual medicine in Palm Beach to improve your libido and performance.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Performance Anxiety

Sometimes negative feelings regarding your sexuality can make you worry about not satisfying your sexual partner. Having low self-esteem can result in erectile dysfunction.

Certain Medications

Specific medications such as blood pressure drugs, tranquilizers, appetite suppressants, antihistamines, and antidepressants can have side effects that affect your ability to have and maintain an erection.


This includes obesity, excess use of alcohol, recreational drugs, and tobacco. Overweight men should take the necessary steps to ensure they start shedding some weight. Obesity can also be a risk factor for other diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Penile Abnormalities

Having a tight foreskin in some men, also referred to as phimosis, and having a penis that is bent or curved can cause erectile dysfunction. However, both conditions are treatable.


Mental health issues like depression and anxiety along with their treatments can increase the risks of ED. Studies suggest that about 20% of erectile dysfunction cases are a result of psychological factors. These issues will cause ED, which will, in turn, cause anxiety and depression. It thus becomes a cycle. Medical help is essential for this type of problem.

Cardiovascular Diseases

To maintain an erection, one is required to have adequate blood flow to the penis. However, when arteries narrow and block due to cardiovascular diseases, insufficient blood reaches the penis causing erectile dysfunction. ED can, therefore, be a sign of potential heart disease in men.

Diabetes can also cause erectile dysfunction. When blood sugar increases to certain levels, it can damage artery walls throughout the body, even the penis. Less blood will flow, making it hard for the patient to get an erection.

Multiple Sclerosis

Erectile dysfunction could be related to the neuromuscular disorder. It is a condition where the immune system attacks the nerve’s protective sheath, messing up the communication of various body parts with the brain. Treatments are available.

Low Testosterone

Low levels of testosterone, formally hypogonadism, can result in various adverse side effects affecting sexual health. This includes erectile dysfunction and low libido.

Spinal Cord Injury

An injury to the spinal cord harms nerves, arteries, smooth muscles, and corpora cavernosa tissues. This, in turn, reduces communication from the brain and causes erectile dysfunction. 


There are a variety of treatment options available. They include:

  •       Observing a healthy lifestyle and taking care of oneself
  •       Physiotherapy to ease anxiety
  •       Trying out natural remedies
  •       Medication drugs and changes of existing medications

If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction or any other sexual issue, try adopting a healthy lifestyle and other remedies. However, if there is no notable change within the first few weeks, seek medical assistance. The team at LifeWell M.D. works to ensure you achieve sexual wellness. Book an appointment for any issue or if you have any questions.




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