Four benefits of hardwood floors

Do you know that in the past, wooden floors were a sign of wealth? Think about it. In the past, they did not have all the fancy machinery the modern-day man has to cut and sand wood. For that reason, making wooden floors was a costly and labour intensive endeavour that only the wealthiest families could afford. Now, wooden floors are available to the masses, but that does not change the fact that they look very good and feel very homely. That is why even ceramic style makers are making tiles that mimic wooden floors. Besides being a symbol of wealth (at least in the past), here are a few benefits of wooden floors,

You have a wide variety to pick from

Not all wooden floors are made equal. For example, at, you will get wooden floors made of different wood species, colours, textures and floor types. Let’s take wood types as an example; you have a choice between solid wood and engineered wood. The colour you chose should match your décor, or your décor could match your floor colour. There is a misconception that hardwood floors are expensive to install. With the various options available to you, you can get budget-friendly wooden floors easily. And even if the prices may be a little high, the return or investment makes it worth it. 

Homes with wooden floors are easier to sell

If you are renovating your home for sell, consider adding wooden floors to it. Many realtors agree that homes with hardwood floors sell faster and at a higher value than similar houses with different flooring. Of course,wooden floors are not created equal. You should do your research and find the types of wooden floors that are the trendiest, and would, therefore, sell more to potential buyers. 

Give your home a warm look and feel

Wood is a natural material, and it holds warmth much better than other human-made materials. That is why your wooden floors will feel warmer under your feet than linoleum or tiles. You would also be less worried about your child taking a nap on wooden floors than on a tile floor. This is besides the fact that wooden floors give a house a homey, warm feeling. 

Underfloor heating

With the right type of wood, i.e. engineered wood, you can easily use underfloor heating in your home instead of radiators. The emphasis is on the type of wood as solid wood can expand and contract depending on the temperature and can lead to either tangential, longitudinal or radial movement. Besides making walking barefoot in your home an enjoyable experience, having underfloor heating can also help you reduce your heating bills consequently saving you more money

Besides the benefits mentioned above, there are many more advantages that come with using hardwood floors. For example, they are easier to clean, more durable and can last for decades if properly installed. If you are constructing a new home or renovating your old home, installing wooden floors instead of carpets or tiles should be something you seriously consider. 


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