Frugal heating tips for homeowners

As the air gets colder outside, you may be trying to stretch every dollar and heat particle by not turning on your heater until the last minute. Don’t wait too long, because letting your house get below a certain temperature can have adverse effects on your health and also freeze your pipes. Even if you’re the most frugal person, these heating tips can help save you money.

Use solar heat for as long as possible. One of the easiest ways to help keep heat in your home is to open up your windows and use the sun to warm your rooms.

Wait to turn on your furnace. Another way to save money is to not jump to fast to turn on your heater. Wait until you know for sure the weather is going to continue to drop in temperatures. At the beginning of winter, the temperatures tend to jump from going low to high, waiting a bit can help you know when to make the most of turning on your heater. .

Buy heat blankets or a bed heat warmer. Heat blankets are great to have because they allow you to warm up for a short period of time and then keep that heat stretched for the night. A heat warmer is a rubber pocket you put hot water in and then put it on the foot of your bed. It will keep your bed warm throughout the night.

Bundle up on blankets, hats, and scarfs. While we don’t recommend not using your heater, it is recommended to have it set between 68-73 degrees Fahrenheit. If it’s still too cold in your house, bundle up with blankets, scarfs, hats, and gloves if needed to keep yourself warm. By making your house warmer than 73 degrees, you’re upping your electric bill.

Putting these heating tips in place is only effective if you have a furnace that works. Be sure you schedule a furnace repair appointment with your local HVAC company, so they can identify if there are any issues that need to be fixed before temperatures drop.

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