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Have you tried exercise and dieting but still have not yielded the weight loss results you want? When combined with a restricted diet and healthy habit adjustments, gastric sleeve surgery could result in your desired weight loss. Scott Stowers, DO, offers gastric sleeve surgery and advises you through healthy lifestyle adjustments before and after treatment at The Bariatric Experts in Denton, Abilene, and Frisco, Texas. To establish if you are the right fit for a gastric sleeve in Frisco, call the office or arrange an appointment online right away.

What Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery and How Does It Work?

Gastric sleeve surgery, also known as sleeve gastrectomy, is a restricted weight-loss procedure that preserves your stomach’s function undisturbed.

Dr. Stowers executes gastric sleeve surgery at The Bariatric Experts utilizing tiny cuts and a laparoscopic camera, a long, slim, illuminated camera that fits into the tiny cuts. This procedure permits less scarring and faster recuperation.

Dr. Stowers eliminates 80% of your stomach with surgery. He eliminates the outer curve of your stomach and uses a specific stapler to make a banana-shaped stomach.

Gastric sleeve surgery usually takes around one hour to complete. Because you will be on general anesthesia the entire time, you will not remember or feel anything. Following gastric sleeve surgery, you will usually be required to stay in the hospital for a night to recuperate before going home.

What Are the Advantages of a Gastric Sleeve Procedure?

Because it suppresses your appetite, most people attempting to lose weight contemplate gastric sleeve surgery. You will feel satisfied faster and better manage your meal sizes if you have a smaller stomach.

The reduction in the size of your stomach is not the only reason gastric sleeve surgery can promote weight loss.

Ghrelin, an organic stomach hormone, is in charge of alerting you of hunger and knowing when you really need to eat extra. Throughout your gastric sleeve surgery, Dr. Stowers eliminates the section of your stomach, which makes ghrelin. Hunger will recur, but because of the smaller stomach size, you will feel satisfied soon.

Following Gastric Sleeve Surgery, How Much Weight Will You Lose?

The amount of weight you shed with gastric sleeve surgery depends on how well you stick to the post-surgical diet and activity plan. In 12-18 months of their procedure, most persons undergoing gastric sleeve surgery shed 35-40% of their excessive weight.

What Should You Do in Advance of Your Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Prior to your gastric sleeve surgery, Dr. Stowers offers you a specific set of guidelines to observe. They might differ depending on the person, but they usually entail:

o   Before your procedure, begin fasting at midnight.

o   Before surgery, you should follow a liquid-only diet for a week.

o   It is preferable to quit smoking.

o   Engaging in lifestyle counseling before and after surgery.

Prior to surgery, Dr. Stowers and his colleagues work closely with you to guarantee you are on course for a successful procedure. Before surgery, on the day of surgery, and following surgery, you will know exactly what to anticipate.

Gastric sleeve surgery is a fantastic choice for weight loss surgery to help you make long-term health improvements. Call The Bariatric Experts office or arrange an appointment today to determine how you can benefit from this procedure.

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