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Passing on life is one of the most fulfilling experiences for an adult or couples looking to enjoy life on a brand-new scale. One may be unable to have a safe pregnancy and delivery due to avoidable or unavoidable situations. OC Fertility offers alternatives for getting pregnant, like gestational surrogacy. Through OC Fertility’s Newport Beach gestational surrogacy, California residents can get through the struggle of failed pregnancies and miscarriages. Meet Nidhee Sachdev, MD, and Sharon Moayeri, MD, for the best experience.

About Gestational Surrogacy

Gestational surrogacy refers to the process by which a woman carries and gives birth on behalf of another individual or couple. It involves In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) to build an embryo that may be transferred into the uterus of your gestational carrier.

Creating an Embryo for Gestational Surrogacy

Doctors at OC Fertility® use IVF to help you build an embryo using the sperm and eggs of a couple/intended couple or a combination of donor sperm and donor eggs. Resulting embryos are transferred to your gestational carrier or yourself in the fashion of a natural pregnancy.

Eligible Candidates for Gestational Surrogacy

Gestational surrogacy is a modern and viable solution for a couple or individual who cannot conceive naturally. It may also be an option for:

  •       A mother that does not prefer pregnancy
  •       A prospective parent without a functional uterus
  •       One with a history of uterine issues that could result in recurrent miscarriages
  •       An intended mother with a medical condition, making pregnancy and delivery riskier

One without a partner and same-sex couples in need of children may also opt for gestational surrogacy.

Choosing a Gestational Surrogate

You may choose a surrogate from your friends or relatives. Your team at OC Fertility® can help you manage gestational surrogating’s legal, medical, and financial aspects. The team also runs a conclusive evaluation of potential surrogates to find the most appropriate candidate.

OC Fertility® has built productive relationships with outstanding surrogate agencies within the locale and may help you find the most suitable gestational surrogate. Gestational surrogates receive a comprehensive exam, analysis of health records, and infectious and hormonal tests.

OC Fertility recommends that your gestational surrogate and partner should meet the mental health professional that specializes in third-party reproduction. It ensures that the individual carrying your baby comprehends the social and psychological repercussions of gestational surrogacy.

Services Offered at OC Fertility®

  •       In-Vitro fertilization
  •       Artificial insemination
  •       Egg freezing
  •       Miscarriages
  •       Male infertility
  •       Female infertility
  •       Donor egg
  •       Ovulation induction
  •       Embryo transfer
  •       Pregnancy ultrasound
  •       Fertility preservation
  •       Preimplantation genetic testing
  •       Reciprocal IVF
  •       Genetic screening

Your treatment at OC Fertility® is fully customized to meet your individual goals and specific needs. The practice also provides relevant guidance towards the most viable treatment options.


Parenting is one of the best experiences as you get an opportunity to enjoy life through an innocent newborn. If you want to start a family but pregnancy is out of the question, you may contact OC Fertility for gestational surrogacy options. You can book an appointment online or a phone call from the convenience of your office or home today.

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