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There’s a common misconception among Instagram social media marketers that you only need likes for your content to blow up. If only things were that easy. You see, Instagram, just like Google, is constantly evolving. The same can be said of Instagram’s parent company, Facebook.

They’re not staying in one place and the technology behind Instagram continues to evolve. A lot of this has to do with protecting Instagram from spammers. But regardless of the reason, you need to keep up with these changes.

So instead of just focusing on Instagram likes, you should focus on engagement altogether. Not only should you worry about how many likes your Instagram photos are getting or how many views your videos on Instagram enjoy, but you also have to pay attention to how many people comment. To succeed on Instagram you will need to build a community and BuzzVoice can help you with likes, views, comments.

By looking at the total picture, you can come up with a holistic social media marketing program for Instagram. This is what you need right here, right now, if you want your account to grow.

The truth is Instagram users are very busy. In fact, the vast majority of views on Instagram are from mobile devices. This should not come as a shock because Instagram was first launched for mobile phones.

They’re very busy. So they’re scrolling through their Instagram feed and they tend to be jaded. They tend to be quite cynical. They’re thinking to themselves “That’s a nice looking picture, but what really sets it apart from the thousands of other nice pictures that I see in the course of the day?”

You kind of develop a thick skin if you’re bombarded with all this content every single day. And guess what? Most of that content is good. They see these certain types of content every single time they open Instagram.

Given this context, your content has a very high hurdle to clear. You’re dealing with a jaded viewership. You’re dealing with people who would rather not follow your account because they have better things to do.

The good news is you can overcome this initial viewing hurdle with social proof. When people see that X thousand of people have already liked or viewed your video, they’re more likely to give you the benefit of the doubt.

At the back of their head, they’re thinking “If several thousand people already vouched for this piece of content, then maybe it’s not all that bad. Maybe I can check it out and see what it’s about.” Congratulations, you cleared that initial hurdle of doubt.

Believe me, that is quite a significant hurdle because most content on Instagram aren’t able to clear that hurdle. They’re dead on arrival.

Now, once you get that view, don’t stop. This is where calls to action come in. when you’re posting an Instagram video, don’t just assume that people will find your video so engaging, exciting, and amazing that they can’t help but comment. That’s too much of an assumption to make.

You have to enhance engagement by calling viewers to action since you’re basically setting them up. You’re telling them “Since you already viewed, you can do all these other things too. You can like and you can comment.”

The key here is to get the conversation going. You talk to people through your content. In your content, don’t waste any opportunities to call them to action to engage. If anything, use this as a unique consumer intelligence gathering opportunity.

If you’re serious about trying to get more views on Instagram, you need to pay close attention to the information that I shared above because they can help you clear a very important hurdle. In fact, this hurdle of social proof requirement is often fatal to a lot of wannabee Instagram marketers.

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