Get ready for 2020 with these amazing Eames Chair Replica ideas!

The Eames Chair Replica is a truly iconic piece of furniture, but that has never made it any less versatile. In fact, this works in the favor of its timeless design. You can literally pair it up and match it with any interior design style or layout that you want. So, if you want to feature it in your interior designs, below, we’ve compiled a list of some amazing ideas that you can take inspiration from. Let’s take a look:

  1. The transition piece


Many people tend to under-appreciate the sculptural form of the Eames Chair Replica, which is why they forget that this chair as some pretty epic visual qualities. You can definitely use it as an amazing transitional piece that can visible from all parts of your home – just like the technique featured in this image. The chair has been placed in a very strategic location that allows it to be seen from many parts of the home. You can use a similar layout technique in your own home interior to get the best effect.

  1. Refreshingly colorful


This refreshingly colorful living room arrangement would be the perfect inspiration for those who want to uplift their spaces with a pop of color. While the rug provides a smoke-screen of abstract hues to set the stage, the sofa provides a solid vantage point. However, it’s the strategic placement of the Eames Chair Replica that really makes the point. With its laid-back form and eye-catching presence, it makes a great overall impact on the surroundings.

  1. The everyday piece


More than anything else, the casual design of the Eames Chair Replica makes it the perfect choice for some everyday comfort. So, the living room featured in this image is a great example of how you can add your own comfort tools – such as pillows and throws – on the plush seat, in order to make it even more welcoming and cozy.

  1. Downtime in the work space


The Eames Chair Replica comes with a great ottoman, so that when you’re tired, you can lug your feet up for some much-needed rest. This makes it the perfect furniture choice for a workspace. The home office/study featured in this image makes a great home for this iconic piece – and not only because of its matching warm tones. It’s also perfect because it provides an excellent backdrop for the stylistic and statement-worthy chair.

  1. In a sea of black and white


The trademark comfort and grace of the Eames Chair Replica makes a great focal point in the design of this stylish scandi-modern living room. The neat, clean, and understated designing of the space is as classy and elegant as they come. While most of the furniture is selected to harmonize well with the breezy surroundings, the Eames chair has been very deliberately placed in a universally visible corner, where it would always radiate a welcoming vibe.

All of these great home interior inspirations will definitely help you make the perfect placement choice for your own Eames Chair Replica!

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