How to Prevent the Feeling of Discomfort After a Yoga Session

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Practising yoga is excellent for your health. It might not be as strenuous as other physical activities, but it can help you stay healthy. You don’t need to excel in doing all the poses on your first try. It takes a while before getting used to them.

The problem is when you try to perfect these poses; your muscles start to get sore. You will feel the effects once the yoga session is over. Feeling sore isn’t a bad sign, though. It shows that the techniques are helping you stay healthy. However, if you can’t bear the pain, these tips will help you feel better.

Stay hydrated

You have to drink plenty of water after doing yoga. Although you don’t sweat as much as you would when doing other exercises, you still need to replenish your body with water. Avoid drinking sports, water and energy drink to help you recover. They contain tons of sugar that aren’t good for your health.

Avoid energy supplements

You might think that you should try to feel more energised on your next yoga session to avoid feeling sore. As such, you decide to take energy supplements. Before doing so, you have to understand that these supplements could have long-term negative effects on your body. You could also crash after being too energetic for a while. Most of them don’t have an approval from the government, and might even contain harmful ingredients.

Get plenty of rest

You need to rest well after a yoga session. It allows your body to recover. It also aids in the repair of the damaged cells due to your physical activity. If you do yoga at night, you can sleep as soon as you arrive home.

Never take anti-inflammatory drugs

Although you feel sore, you shouldn’t get tempted to take pain relievers. They might help make you feel better, but the long-term effects are terrible. You might also become too reliant on these drugs to relieve the pain. Use them only when your physician tells you to do so. Besides, if your body aches, it won’t last long. Eventually, you will feel better.

Take a hot bath

You can wait for about an hour after the session before taking a bath. It helps you relax. If you use whirlpool baths, it’s even better. You will feel the water stream massaging you. After a few minutes, you will feel relaxed. Since you used hot water for bathing, you need to rest for a while before going to bed. A high body temperature will make it difficult for you to sleep well.

At first, doing yoga can be uncomfortable. It takes a while before you get used to it. Eventually, you will enjoy the process. You won’t feel sore anymore. You can even move to the more advanced techniques. Don’t pressure yourself to follow the difficult poses if your body is incapable of doing them yet. You will get hurt and feel scared about doing yoga again.


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