Get to Learn and Understand More About Dental and Facial Injuries and How Each of Them Is Treated

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Generally, facial and dental injuries can end up affecting your oral health, appearance, and also overall health. Therefore it is advisable you seek medical help when you experience either dental, facial injuries, or both before your overall health and outlook are altered. The specialists are the for  best The Woodlands, TX, oral and maxillofacial surgeons and offer a VIP experience to patients seeking dental and facial injuries.

What Are Dental and Facial Injuries?

Facial and dental injuries can be due to various reasons like car collisions, accidental falls, or other work-related injuries. Some common facial and dental injuries are intraoral lacerations, facial lacerations, fractured jaw, knocked-out teeth, and fractured bones of the nose, cheek, or eye socket. Typically dental and facial injuries are unique in that both can cause a significant amount of emotional trauma despite also causing physical damage. It is because typically, your mouth and face are usually centrally located in relation to your appearance and sense of identity, and any injuries that can occur to them can be complicated.

The health care providers are well-versed in the art of treating, the science of dental, and facial injuries to ensure the desired needs are met. They are adept in acute treatment and emergency care and have the understanding and experience to provide treatment that will provide you with long-term results.

How Do You Treat Soft Tissue Injuries?

Soft tissue injuries, including lacerations on your gums or face, usually require suturing. While repairing tissue injury, the health care provider takes great care to restore your health while still ensuring that you have long-term cosmetic results.

How Do You Treat Facial Bone Injuries?

In most cases, facial injuries are treated in the same way as fractures found in other body parts. The main goal of this treatment is to stabilize and reposition the broken or damaged bones to maximize your body’s ability to heal. However, unlike other parts of the body, one cannot stabilize a facial fracture with a cast. Therefore, to stabilize them, the specialist inserts small plates and screws at the fracture site. It is a technique referred to as rigid fixation, preferred over other methods like jaw wiring because it has a shorter and quicker recovery time.

When treating facial bone injury, the health care provider ensures that the long-term impact that the surgery might have on your appearance is minimized. Therefore he uses few incisions positioned on your face to reduce or hinder any signs of scarring.

How Do You Treat Dental Injuries?

The care providers usually work with dental specialists, including restorative dentists and endodontists, to rebuild and restore broken or knocked-out teeth. And if the specialist is not able to repair your damaged tooth, he replaces it with high-quality dental implants.

In summary, if you are interested in learning more about facial and dental injuries, call or visit Facial Surgery Specialists at The Woodlands today. Various treatment options will be offered to you to ensure you get long-lasting results. Similarly, the care providers also ensure that your physical appearance is not altered.