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Telling the truth is not always an easy task but it is very important. You must practice telling the truth in most situations to avoid misunderstandings and prevent confusion. Handy believes that when a person tries to hide one truth, they have to tell hundreds of lies. So, as far as possible you should always try to tell the truth.

The Reasons

Here are some reasons why you should always tell the truth:


  • Telling the truth can empower you to grow – No change is ever possible if you do not know the truth. If you do not tell the truth then the people around you will not be able to decide between what’s real and fake. They will not be able to do things that will be beneficial for all. Apart from that, it is often seen that people try to hide the truth because they do not want to upset others. We never want to get rejected and often refuse to give others the freedom to reject us and try to control them. These habits prevent us from growing. So, if you tell the truth it can empower you to grow.



  • Telling the truth brings you peace of mind – When you tell the truth it will allow you to maintain a high level of integrity. This integrity will bring you peace of mind and if you want to live a life with values it is very essential that your decisions are based on truth. If you always tell the truth you can at least look at the mirror with a sense of pride and can sleep well at night. When you remain true to yourself, you can be true to others and become a better friend, partner, colleague, and most importantly a better person.



  • Telling truth earns respect – Telling the truth will also help you to earn respect as it shows you really care for others. When you do not tell the truth to someone it indicates that you do not value or respect them enough to know the truth. In certain cases, it may also indicate that you don’t want to help them grow and prefer that they stay in their comfort zone. In such a case, people will not believe in you. But if you always tell the truth you can earn the trust and respect of your loved ones and friends.



  • Telling the truth is a sign of love – When you really care for your near and dear ones, you will neither try to control them nor will you fear to tell them the truth. You must remember that a lack of truth will certainly lead to the decay of any kind of relationship. For example, if in a relationship one person wants to break up and is afraid to tell the truth then it will be a waste of time for both.



According to Handy, the truth can open new doors and set you free even if you feel vulnerable at the beginning. On the other hand, lying can mess things up in a way you may never have imagined. So, trust in yourself and always tell the truth.


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