Harvey Weinstein Reaches Civil Settlement Many Think is Not Enough

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Harvey Weinstein has reached a tentative settlement agreement with multiple women that have accused him of sexual assault. However, many women think this settlement is not enough. The settlement is for almost $47 million, but $25 million of that number would actually go to the women.

Perhaps what is most upsetting to the claimants is that the disgraced producer would not have to admit that he had done anything wrong — and that he would not be required to pay the accusers directly. This is because the insurance companies that cover The Weinstein Co. would have to pay the 18 women $6.2 million each instead of Weinstein himself.

The rest of the $47 million would be placed in a settlement fund and would be distributed to each member of the class-action lawsuit filed against him. Women that have already seen the statute of limitations expire in their case will also receive a portion of that settlement fund.

“Many women involved are not happy with the settlement,” says Attorney Douglas I. Leifert of Leifert & Leifert. “However, there is perhaps no amount of money that would undo what they have accused Weinstein of putting them through. Lawyers representing plaintiffs must always be prepared to go to trial. But they must also have the knowledge and skill to understand when they are potentially facing the best settlement deal they may be offered.”

Several of the women have stated publicly that they are not happy with the settlement, and they have also stated they believe it was the best deal they could get. With little to no other alternatives to this deal, many of the women have accepted this offer instead of continuing the fight. This deal has taken two years for all sides to agree to, and some women have said that they just want to move on with their lives and put the case, and the incidents they have said they suffered, behind them.

However, the legal teams of some of these women are also planning to “object” to this deal and any other variant that tries to block the claimants who are trying and want to hold Weinstein accountable. The women’s legal representation are also appalled at the fact at $12 million of this settlement will go towards Weinstein lawyer fees, the same lawyers who have been allegedly enabling his accused conduct over the years.

In addition to the civil charges, Weinstein is still facing several criminal charges. He is currently out on bail, which was increased to $2 million after it was found that he was mishandling his electronic ankle monitor. Weinstein has repeatedly denied the allegations, stating that any sexual activity was consensual between him and his accusers.

While Harvey Weinstein may be out of jail for now, his legal proceedings continue to move forward, both civilly and in criminal court. A verdict on the criminal charges is expected soon and will hopefully be a just decision, unlike the civil lawsuit’s ending.