How to Achieve a Luxurious Bathroom Look with Tiles Without Spending a Fortune

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If you are currently working on a bathroom renovation project but find your budget for tiles a bit short, there is no panic. There are ways to achieve a luxurious bathroom look without the high price tag often associated with sophisticated tiles. It is just important to know the tiles to choose and how to install them in your bathroom. Keep reading to know some ideas to achieve an expensive bathroom tile look without breaking your banks:

Use Subway Tiles

The simple design style and timeless beauty of subway tiles make it well-loved by modern homeowners. They are economical tiles that are quite versatile since they can be dressed up in many ways to achieve different effects. If you want to give your bathroom a modern look, lay these tiles vertically, stacking, diagonally, or in a chevron pattern.

Spend a Bit More on Bathroom Floors

In general, bathroom floors are smaller spaces to tile than walls. That is why you may splurge in this area while keeping wall tiles low budget and simple. This lets you introduce your personality to your bathroom and create a design statement that has strong visual interest. For bathroom tiles, patterned, textured, or coloured tiles are the perfect options.

Make a Wall Feature with Pattern

Choose a bathroom wall that would make the best feature wall and use patterned tiles to highlight this space. This could be inside the shower, behind the vanity, or the first wall you see when you walk into the bathroom. Make sure the rest of the walls and floors are tiled in a simple colour to keep the costs down and make sure there aren’t many details that compete with your feature. Check out affordable options at Carreaux Metro.

Choose Black Tiles

Installing black tiles on your bathroom floors and walls will create a striking effect and a wow factor. Your white bathroom ware will pop against the black backdrop, adding elegance and drama. Ensure you use the same back tile on both walls and floors while varying the size to make a balanced space. Choose a mid-range tile with little to no surface movement to improve luxury without spending too much money.

Opt for the Classic

On bathroom floors and walls, neutral or classic monochrome tiles are ideal as they let fixtures and accessories to stand out. Choose a tile with minimal movement and variation in a soothing tone. Pick the correct colour tone that will complement other colours in the bathroom. 

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