The Essential Factors You Should Remember When Selecting Clothes for Your Baby 

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As a new parent, congratulations are in order! You have most likely anticipated the birth of your baby for months, and this is certainly an exciting time for you and your loved ones. Babies are precious indeed, and we would want what’s best for them – which brings us to various things and items your baby would need, foremost of which is the best clothes. Baby clothes are plentiful and there are numerous suppliers and producers of baby clothes out there, but you’d want to make sure that the clothes you choose are best for your baby. But with so many brands, styles, and even fabrics available, how can you make sure you are choosing precisely what your baby needs? Here are the most essential factors you should remember when selecting clothes for your baby. 

  • The fabric 

The fabric is a critical consideration because, with the right fabric, your baby will be exceedingly comfortable, but with the wrong one, your baby could develop rashes, skin irritation, or worse. Newborns, in particular, have sensitive and delicate skin, and this is where you have to take great care in choosing the right fabric for the clothes they wear. Cotton is a good fabric in general, and it’s a choice that won’t be likely to irritate the delicate skin of your baby. But you can also opt for other comfortable fabrics like cashmere; natural fabrics are the best. Rayon, made from bamboo, is also another good option, and it’s best to stick with natural fabrics because they won’t have those nasty chemicals that can wreak havoc on your baby’s skin. Avoid fabrics like polyester or nylon as these can cause discomfort – fabrics like these cannot readily absorb moisture, and they’re not good at regulating the body temperature of your baby, either. 

  • The size 

Of course, size is another essential factor, and you also have to make sure that the size you choose is just right for your baby. With the proper size, your baby can be comfortable and move as easily as possible. Keep in mind as well that babies will grow quite fast, so remember this growth rate when you purchase your baby’s clothes – choosing clothes that are affordable but of good quality, such as the handpicked Spanish baby clothes from Ava’s Wardrobe, will be a big help indeed. 

Most baby clothes available will come with standard or general measurements, but remember that these are simply standard measurements – and babies will often fall between different sizes. For instance, their height will often be between three to six months, and their weight will often be between six to nine months. 

If you’re having a difficult time with the size, it’s better to choose something slightly bigger so you can compensate for their pending growth spurt. You also need to make sure that the clothes are easy for you to put on as well as take off. Clothes that come with zippers or snaps are also better compared to those with buttons, and try to avoid anything too fancy – simple is often best. 

There are other considerations when selecting your baby’s clothes, including their functionality and style, their cost, and the season – but with the right choices, your baby can be very comfortable, and they will look even more adorable as well! 


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