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To effectively treat any cardiovascular diseases, Southwest Cardiovascular Associates provide a high-quality service for these disorders. With a minimum risk to the patients, the treatment procedure for this heart disease assures the improvement of the overall health outcome. Kirk Minkus, MD has an endovascular specialist in Mesa who provides high-quality services leading to a high-quality output for the patient. A patient suffering from peripheral arterial disease tends to experience leg pain, occurs in the walking process, and disappears during rest time. These disorders can be treated with the help of a radiologist, Kirk Minkus. Apart from heart diseases and any related heart disease, southwest cardiovascular associates provide the following services to their patients: diabetes, leg pain, spinal fractures, foot pain, foot discoloration, leg tingling, and cold feet.


Diabetes is a condition that results from the way the body produces or uses insulin produced by the pancreas. There are two forms of diabetes: type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is a result of a damaged pancreas due to attacks from the immune system. Type 1 diabetes is common in teens and children. Type 2 diabetes appears when the pancreas can release insulin but in small quantities, which are not enough to maintain the blood sugar in the body system. With experts from the southwest center, long term care of diabetes is given by treating the patient with a lifestyle plan and specialized procedures when there are cases of complication arising. Lifelong management and lifestyle plan control the blood sugar to the normal required level.

Leg pain

Leg pain can be due to heart disorders where the leg’s arteries and veins are affected by heart complications. Conditions like peripheral arterial disease block the bloodstream to the legs. This leads to leg hurting and cramps, which appear when walking and vanishes at rest. Varicose veins also are responsible for leg pain as blood builds up due to a damaged valve causing the veins to swell, resulting in dark bluish varicose veins that project above the skin surface. Dr. Minkus gives comprehensive care through traditional treatment to advanced procedures to eradicate the source of pain.

Leg tingling

Leg tingling affecting the feet signals diabetic neuropathy, which develops as high blood sugar damages the small nerves in the feet. Leg tingling symptoms are a pinched nerve in the buttocks, legs, lower back, pressure on the peripheral nerve, and nerve problems due to lack of vitamins. Southwest center works hard to provide complete care for all conditions leading to foot tingling.

Spinal fractures

Spinal fractures can be due to high energy trauma such as car accidents and a heavy fall or osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a condition where old bones discard faster compared to their replacement in the process of remodeling. This imbalance leads to a loss of mass and weakening of the bones. Spinal fractures can be corrected in the center with a kyphoplasty procedure, where the normal spinal strength is restored.

Foot discoloration

Foot discoloration occurs when you are suffering from peripheral arterial disease. Accumulation of plaque on arteries narrows the blood path reducing the blood flow and slowly causing foot discoloration. Dr. Minkus specializes in treating disorders leading to foot discoloration. Conditions like peripheral artery disease and chronic venous insufficiency are the common disorders responsible for foot discoloration and are treated in the southwest cardiovascular center.

For treatment and services concerning heart issues, southwest cardiovascular associates are on the top line to provide effective services and care to their clients. They are located in Mesa. You can book an online appointment or text them through their website. For effective services and care to a client, southwest cardiovascular is a better option.

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