Here are the most important characters you will meet in the Ben 10 games!

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Ben 10 is one of those characters who absolutely fascinate little boys, but also little girls, why not, with his appearance. While wandering around the neighborhood, like all boys his age do sometimes, this courageous 10-year-old finds an alien device, in the form of a wristwatch, called the Omnitrix. This discovery completely changes his life, as it allows him to transform into 10 different aliens, with more and more diverse skills, and fight evil on Earth and in space, together with his cousin Gwen and their grandpa Max. Since 2005, tons of Ben 10 games, cartoons, movies, and toys appeared everywhere in the world.

If you didn’t have the chance to play Ben 10 games yet, you most certainly wonder who are the main characters that you will meet along the way. We’ve decided to present them to you in this article, with a short description for each one, so that you’re ready to conquer the world once you start playing. As you’ll see, they are both positive and negative characters, so you’ll have to know who to ally with and who to avoid at every level. Without further ado, here’s the list of the most important recurring characters in this series:

Ben Tennyson – the main hero of Ben 10 games. His full name is Benjamin Kirby Tennyson and the entire series concentrates on his growth & evolution from an immature and clumsy 10-year-old to a powerful hero famous not only in Bellwood, his hometown, but all over the Earth;

Gwen Tennyson – the main help in Ben 10 games. Gwendolyn is Ben’s cousin, a college student turned hero, with abilities such as mana detection, manipulation, and absorption. She’s nicknamed Lucky Girl and by watching the episodes and playing the games, you’ll understand why;

ben 10 games

Ken Tennyson – Ben’s cousin, Gwen’s older brother. In the beginning, Ken, a student with green eyes, red hair, and a cool appearance, is a character who both Ben, his cousin, as well as Gwen, his younger sister, look up to;

Kevin Levin – an important member of Ben’s team. Kevin’s case is one of the most interesting in the entire Ben 10 universe because in the beginning, he’s one of the hero’s most notable enemies, but then he becomes one of the main members of his team;

Albedo – one of the main villains in Ben 10 games. In an attempt to recreate the Omnitrix, Albedo transformed himself into an imperfect clone of Ben 10 – however, you don’t have to be tricked, as he is a recurring villain;

Charmcaster – a magic user & villain who hates Ben. A powerful magic user, Charmcaster hates Ben, but also Gwen, for their common interest in magic. Just like Kevin, she’s torn between a life of honor & redemption or evil & madness;

Vilgax – one of the most dangerous villains ever. Last but not least, Ben 10 considers Vilgax one of the most dangerous villains he has faced, as he’s an intergalactic alien warlord, conqueror, and the primary antagonist of the series.

Therefore, now you’re truly ready to play all Ben 10 games and see if you can destroy the forces of evil in the universe. Good luck & have fun!

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