Different Kinds of Pantyhose You Can Choose for Flawless Legs 

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Women have worn pantyhose for decades to obtain flawless legs. If you’re unsure of what Pantyhose are, they are hose clothing that resembles socks and can be worn with pants. It’s a necessity for every woman’s wardrobe. Why?

They work best with high-rise skirts. The best alternative for last-minute parties when you don’t have time to shave your legs. You love wearing mini dresses, but it’s chill outside. Similar to socks, pantyhose comes in a wide variety of pattern and colours and varied degrees of consistency.

Stockings have been increasing in popularity in a range of collections since contrivers love to revive and reinvent previously rejected clothing. If you decide to go with pantyhose, Illusion Lingerie from Melbourne is one brand to consider. They have around 52 variants of pantyhose in their product category. Whether you’re looking for suede, cashmere, fishnet, micronet materials, etc. they have a wide range of collections that will not disappoint anyone. 

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Types of Pantyhose 

  • Sheer to Waist. Pantyhose without the reinforced portion on the thighs is referred to as sheer to waist hosiery. This design looks great with a miniskirt or shorter dress because it is made of pure nylon from the foot to panty.
  • Control Top. This type of hosiery features a reinforced panty that serves as shapewear as well. Control top pantyhose, which is most frequently found in skin tones or black, make women feel curvier, especially when wearing form-fitting attire.
  • High Thigh. This type of hosiery has a lace pattern on the top that extends to the upper thigh. Garters are best with thigh-high pantyhose to add an extra romance.
  • Support pantyhose. It is also known as compression stockings, which are designed to increase blood flow in the legs if you have poor circulation or are on your feet all day. Only specialised medical retailers sell these stockings.
  • Toe style. These reinforced toe styles can be work with closed-toe shoes given that the additional layer of fabric makes the toe portion of the hose darker than the rest of the hose. 
  • Toeless. The fabric of toeless nylon designs ends just above the toes, giving a flawless effect if sandal straps cover the band where the nylons end. Each big toe has a nylon loop that fits around it to hold the hose in place.
  • Opaque. All-sheer designs are thinner than opaque ones, and extremely thick patterns are referred to as tights. Tights are a common undergarment for wool skirts in the fall and winter because they keep the legs warm.
  • Sheer/Thinner. Thinner forms are typically marketed in skin tone tones from black to white. This is because they are transparent, and your skin tone reflects from within the stockings. 

Pantyhose comes in a variety of hues and patterns at Illusion Lingerie, pairing them with diverse clothes can improve your entire appearance. You can pick from lace, vibrant colours, polka dots, sensual fishnet patterns, and more. Follow them on their Instagram account to know about the varieties of pantyhose options. Simply work on your imagination, take chances, and enjoy the out-of-the-box results. 

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