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Welded beams and columns are ideal products for high-performance structures. They are structural steel sections comprising of a web and two flanges joined by a deep penetration fillet wield. Welded beams and columns are suitable to be used for heavier parts of the engineering construction, buildings, bridges, shopping malls, stadiums etc.

They are made from hot rolled steel and are available in various sizes and hence their dimension options give the designer freedom to create the most suitable design, to satisfy their clients’ requirement. Steel companies that supply welded beams and columns also supply fabricated sections and components, hollow sections, reinforcing products, hot rolled products and more.

Choosing a Reliable Steel Supplier for your Business

Manufacturers have to depend on having quality materials and tools for producing top-quality results for their clients. Finding the right steel supplier of welded beams and columns, enables manufacturers to carry on work efficiently and avoid production delays and constant reworks. The right steel supplier is the one who will supply the most appropriate goods at the right price and in the right time frame to meet the specific needs of your next construction project.

International Network

Your steel supplier must have an international network to acquire products. Sometimes your steel supplier takes so long to supply the right materials that you may have to suffer a time crunch for completing an order. While looking for a supplier, check the average time they take to fulfill orders from their past clients. If the delivery time was short and he met the delivery date, you will know that you can depend on that supplier.


Another great way to check a company is to ensure whether they are up to date on their certification. Their welded beams and columns should be manufactured in accordance to AS3679.2, and should meet all Australian and New Zealand standards. The material should be high grade as low-quality materials can pose a great risk to your project and lead to extensive damage. They should ensure that all your order requirements are met.

Top Quality Resources

Reputed steel trading business companies have state-of-the art resources and expertise to provide Quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) service which ensure compliance with structural specifications, mandatory regulations and expected quality standards. The team should be dedicated and professional to handle the job. They should be experienced and competent enough to resolve any issues that crop up. The steel supplier should be dependable and offer brilliant customer support to their clients. They must work closely with manufacturers across the country by supplying precise engineered products to grow their capacity.

It may be difficult to find a steel supplier with the above- mentioned qualities, but you can get in touch with Instant Steel Solutions, a steel trading business company and you can check out here for welded beams. They have a wide international network which they use to procure steel products. Their services include procurement of steel, FX forward contracts, third party engagement, handling international logistics and custom clearance, unpacking containers, safe delivery and more.


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