How Do Steam Showers Work, and What are Their Benefits? Your Important Questions Answered

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The home has always been seen as a comfortable haven by those who live in it, and we all make an effort to make our homes as comfy and cosy as possible. But it’s not just certain rooms in the home that can benefit from an upgrade, such as a bedroom or living room. Even our bathrooms can become a luxurious space with the addition of a few key elements – such as a steam shower. Steam showers are, in fact, becoming a more popular element in modern bathrooms because they allow you to create your own spa experience right in the comfort of your home. But how do steam showers work, and what are their benefits? Here, your important questions are answered.

How do they work?

Steam showers are pre-built enclosures that are comprised of a sealed stall that doesn’t allow any moisture to escape. In order to use it, all you have to do is step through the doors of the stall and press a button on the panel, which activates the steam generator of the shower and heats the water. Once the water is boiling, the steam produced is channelled into the system of the steam shower and emerges through the shower’s steam head. This will then fill the stall with heavenly, soothing steam.

The more modern and advanced steam showers will often be equipped with a control panel, as already mentioned, and this makes it easy for you to choose your preferred settings, such as the amount of time the steam shower will run, the temperature of the steam and water, and even some invaluable extras like sound systems with an FM radio and Bluetooth connection, aromatherapy elements, ambient lighting in different colours, and rain showerheads.

The advantages of a steam shower compared to a sauna

We’ve all heard of saunas, and some of us may spend a lot of time in saunas just to refresh and soothe our tired and aching muscles. But you may also be wondering about the differences between steam showers and saunas. Well, one easy answer is that steam showers are modular units that are already built with whatever features you may want, and it’s no problem to install (unlike saunas, which need to be designed and built with tiling and what-not) as all you need do is hook up the system to the power and water supply in your bathroom.

And here’s another vital difference: unlike saunas which may take a while to run, a steam shower will begin operating as soon as you activate the controls. You don’t have to wait too long for the steam to flow through the system. Additionally, unlike other bathroom ‘spa’ elements, steam showers are better for your water bill. If you use your steam shower for about 20 minutes, you will only consume around two gallons of water, unlike the 50 gallons or more a traditional shower would consume.

The benefits

Steam is associated with a lot of benefits indeed, from helping our bodies relax and helping soothe tired, cramped, and sore muscles and joints. Steam is also great for your blood circulation and it can clear out the skin and the body’s toxins. If you have a cold, the steam in the shower can also help clear your nasal passages, and this works excellently for those with allergies as well.


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