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It’s said that a house is just a block of brick-and-mortar, and it becomes a home only after we invest feelings, experience various life seasons, and have fond memories and deep relationships associated with the place.

Everything in a home evokes a distinct charm that appeals to us and becomes a part of our recollections. Home furniture not only serves the utility for which it’s made, but also makes for sparkling ambience. Be it an old reading chair, or an engraved coffee table, there is furniture that enhances the aura of the home and becomes a permanent fixture of home life.

New year is also the time to remove what’s redundant and embrace the vitality of the new. If there’s old, unused furniture that’s occupying space in your home, time to remove it and bring new furniture that adds new radiance to your surroundings. Before you go on to buy furniture in 2021, these are few things that should be kept in mind:

Furniture assessment

Start with making a list of what all old furniture is worn-out now and needs to be discarded and what new furniture needs to be bought. There might be a dusted and grimy sofa set that’s unfashionable now and occupies too much space, or an old dining table that has lost all its elegance. There can also be furniture that just requires repair and repolishing and then they will look brand new. Decide the new choice of furniture based on your requirements, without compromising on either quality, durability and its appeal. Buy furniture only after complete assessment. Furniture on EMI without credit card can be purchased using Finserv MARKETS EMI Network Card.

Set a Budget

Financial constraints and limits are crucial before purchasing anything. Based on your finances and your needs, prepare an estimate of the amount you can earmark for buying new furniture. After that you can scroll through different e-commerce websites and compare furniture price listings. You can visit each room of your home and then decide on the furniture type. If you fancy exquisite furniture that exceeds your budget, then also nothing to worry at all. Quality furniture on EMI is also available on a lot of websites. Using an EMI card, you can buy furniture on EMI without credit card.

Aesthetic Element

Furnitures come in a range of shapes, sizes, styles, shades and colour combinations. The right furniture adds to the aesthetic appeal and glow of your home, while a wrong one may seem out-of-place and dampen the aesthetic appeal. That’s why it’s important to check which furniture will be the most suitable as well as look best in your living room or lobby. You can ask from home decor experts or do your own research on the internet. If there’s a velvety sofa set that looks superb, you can purchase the sofa set on EMI.

Material and Fabric choice

You certainly don’t want your furniture to appear dusty, tear down or attract dust that’s easily visible. The fabric should be such that it’s washable, doesn’t get soiled easily and is long-lasting. Material should be really strong as well as comfortable. If you have frolicking toddlers or a hyper-active pet, you wouldn’t want a very light fabric sofa that can get torn easily. These days quality fibres are available that can be washed and are durable. Check the material, texture and the fabric thoroughly and then only buy furniture on EMI.

Conclusion: Buy furniture only after checking your rooms and your requirements. Don’t go for too glossy furniture that will spoil the aesthetic aura of your room. Be it a bookshelf or a sofa set on EMI, always compare for the prices, material and durability. If you want to refurbish your house with a quality décor that will add new visual appeal to your home and also make your living room more comfortable, explore the furniture loan options at Finserv MARKETS that provides furniture on EMI without credit card. 


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