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Can we all agree to the fact that this coronavirus pandemic has been the scariest period on a global level? We have all inculcated the best sanitary practices in our daily lives. Washing hands, sanitizing everything, improving diet, and almost everything that doctors have forever wanted us to do. Despite the tremendous efforts personally, we often forget to disinfect certain places that we might touch frequently but don’t realize- for instance, our cars. Whenever we get in or out of our cars, we touch the door handle, seats, rare-view mirror, steering wheel, gearshift, dashboards, and mostly everything. We seldom realize that these fiber and leather articles can hold the virus for longer and can retransmit it to our hands. It is thus necessary for us to pay more attention to disinfecting our cars without damaging the interiors. However, sometimes even after taking all care things may go wrong, and a vehicle insurance is of upmost importance during these times of financial difficulties.

Sanitising a car is different than giving it a good spring cleaning. It’s essential to keep germs and viruses off the parts of your car you touch the most which could partially damage parts of your car. Juat make sure that you do your homework on disinfecting your car so that it won’t daamge the interiors.

Wondering how to do it? We have listed out a few ways in which you can thoroughly clean your car without hampering the luxurious interiors. Let’s dive in and learn all about it!

Alcohol Disinfectant

By now, we all know alcohol can kill coronavirus on any surface. People are now spraying figuratively everything with alcohol-based sanitizers. This can also work effectively on cars- and every other vehicle for that matter. You can use sanitizers made with isopropyl alcohol and spray it around your car every now and then. Most car interiors are made up of leather or imitation leather that have a urethane coating for protection. This solution, if not overused, is most probably not going to cause any damage to your car interiors. As a matter of fact, Yanfeng Automotive Interiors, one of the largest automobile interior supplier in the world, uses this very alcohol solution for cleaning parts in its own factory. 

Classic Soap and Water

We’ve used soap and water to clean spots and spills in the car for a long time now. We also know that soap and water are extremely efficient in sanitizing skin. Mixing the two up will give you the best way to disinfect your car without causing any damage to the car interiors. Use a soft sponge or a cloth to wash the interiors with soap and water. Just don’t scrub too hard or you might rub off the leather dye or damage the upholstery. 

Don’t Do This

While some people are being too careful about cleaning their cars, other cleansing maniacs might go a bit too far and damage the car interiors badly. Here are some absolute don’ts while cleaning the car interiors.

  • Do not use ammonia-based cleaners for sanitizing car touchscreens. They can damage the anti-glare or anti-fingerprint coating on such surfaces.
  • Do not use bleach or Hydrogen peroxide on the car surface. While it can disinfect your car, it will also damage the car’s upholstery.

Taking care of oneself is extremely important in such an unprecedented situation. It is equally necessary to take extra care of the objects that we touch in daily life. Make sure to buy car insurance to keep your finances safe in case of any major damages caused. 

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