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When looking to buy or sell real estate, you usually think about working with a realtor. But what about working with a real estate attorney?


What does a real estate attorney do?

A real estate attorney is an attorney that specializes in legal matters related to real estate. This includes property issues, sale transactions, and disputes between parties involved.


What are the benefits of working with a real estate attorney?

Of course, it is always smart to work with an attorney, but this is especially true when dealing with real estate transactions. A real estate transaction has a lot of pieces that need to all work together.

To assist with issues related to titles, to review and prepare appraisals, to review inspections, leases, and purchase agreements, turn to a real estate attorney for help. A real estate attorney can also draft any documents needed like leases and rental agreements. This professional is familiar with all things real estate, especially legal jargon.

When should I consider working with a real estate attorney?

Whether you are buying property or selling property, you should consider working with a realtor and a real estate attorney. Some states in the country actually require you to work with a real estate attorney, so always check to see if your state falls in this category.

From the start of the transaction to the very end, you should work closely with your real estate attorney. Your attorney will help you along the way and deal with important documents like purchase agreements, mortgage documents, and title documents. They can review these to ensure that everything is properly in order.

If you have any doubts or questions about your real estate transaction, your real estate attorney will be to help. In addition to helping out with reviewing documents, your attorney will pay close attention to any zoning issues, environmental hazards, changes in terms or conditions of mortgages, and any potential issues with the title and real estate taxes. 

Before you start your real estate transaction, seek the legal advice and knowledge of a real estate development attorney in Arizona. They will be able to help deal with complex situations and be present at important meetings and closing, always representing your best interests.







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