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If you are looking for a quality pizza dough recipe, then there’s not one better than this. Learning how to make pizza dough isn’t as tough as it may seem, but you will need to take some time to learn the basics.

A simple dough recipe only requires a few ingredients to make a light, stretchy pizza dough, including:

  • 1 kg (around 2.2 pounds) of all-purpose flour (you can also choose “00” flour)
  • 7 grams (1 teaspoon) of instant dry yeast
  • 18 grams (1 tablespoon) of salt
  • 630 grams (approximately 22 ounces) of water

You will also need some tools to help you cut and mix the dough, including:

  • A dough cutter
  • Dough trays
  • Rubber spatula(s)
  • A Danish dough whisk
  • A large bowl for mixing
  1. To make the dough, you’ll add the flour to the large-capacity bowl.
  2. Then, you should mix in the salt.
  3. At this point, you can make a hole in the center of the mixture, where you’ll pour in the water and yeast.
  4. After this, use a whisk and your spatula to mix up the ingredients.
  5. Knead the dough on a clean surface
  6. Allow the dough to rest for around 10 minutes
  7. Check the dough, moving it out of the bowl and onto the clean surface. Knead it a little longer before adding it back to the bowl to rest another 10 to 15 minutes.
  8. Repeat steps five and six once more, adding light oil to the bowl before you bring the dough back the last time.

After you do all this, you can allow the pizza dough to rest for around one to 1.5 hours. Once it doubles in size, you can divide it into 8 portions, which then can be shaped into your pizza base. Allow each of those portions to rise another hour before using them to make your pizza from scratch.

This is how to make pizza dough for up to eight pizzas. Once you make the dough, remember that the way you cook your pizza will also influence how it comes out. You may want to try a pizza oven or pizza grill, which will give your pizza a more rustic appearance and smoked flavor. It’s a classic touch that can really add to the overall finish of your pizza pie. Your outdoor pizza oven will give you the perfect excuse to cook amazing pizzas for neighbors, friends and your family.

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