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Did you know that when you become angry, your anger can cause more damage to your body? When you get mad, your emotions raise causing tension and hostility to your body. Your heart beats faster, and you start experiencing uncontrollable pressure, which can lead to aggression. If not managed, your anger can become chronic, leading to depression, anxiety, and heart disease. Your psychiatrist in Chicago, IL, can help you manage your anger and live a better life.

Signs of anger

The following signs show that you need to seek help in managing your anger. 

  • If you get angry frequently 
  • If you find it hard to forgive and always strive for revenge 
  • If you find yourself aggressive when angry

Anger symptoms

We have two types of anger disorder symptoms which are aggressive disordered anger and passive anger. If you have passive anger disordered, you don’t realize you are angry, and you might present it as indifference and demonstrate self-destructive behaviors. 

Aggressive disordered you will know you are angry, but you fail to control your anger, leading to physical violence. Other anger symptoms include violence, dwelling on negative things in life, threatening people, and constantly pilling up rage.

How is anger managed?

Your psychiatrist will take you through the various ways of managing your anger. Identifying what triggers you to anger plays a significant role in anger management. Your doctor may recommend you to exercise some techniques, which are:

Getting regular exercise

Physical exercise will help you release your anger energy, while regular exercise controls your feelings. If you experience rage or anger, a vigorous exercise like running will help distract your emotions.

Pause before your speak

Excusing yourself to think before you respond when you feel the rage coming on will help you weigh your words to avoid hurting others.

Saying how you are feeling calmly

When you give yourself time to cool your emotions, it will help you express what you feel calmly. When you acknowledge your feelings without screaming, you allow people to understand how you are feeling.


Your psychiatrist will recommend you go for some anger management therapy. These include:

Group therapy

Your doctor will put you in a group discussion consisting of several members also going through anger struggles. Each member will share their experiences and strategies that helped them.

Individual therapy

Your psychiatrist will recommend you have a one-on-one session together to help you identify your emotional triggers and work out suitable ways to handle negative feelings. If you are experiencing other conditions like anxiety or depression, your psychiatrist will address them.


Your doctor can prescribe some antidepressant medicine to calm your body and help control your anger and negative emotions. The treatment will help make you self-sufficient. Some over-the-counter drugs and supplements can help you improve mood and support anger management therapy.

For more details on how to manage your anger and life happily, call or book an appointment online with Uptown Psych.

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