How To Prevent Germs This Flu Season

When an influenza virus strikes, it can be tricky to prevent oneself from the flu. This is because the germs can easily transmit through the portals of mouth, nose, and eyes. Hence, whenever you contact a sick person and forget to take sanitization measures, you’re likely to get ill or suffer from a viral infection.

Flu is contagious, and it easily transmits from person to person through the air. Thus, it is always advisable to stay away from a person who coughs or sneezes. 

Furthermore, the flu virus can stay on surfaces, such as doorknobs, kitchen counters, cell phones, etc. for hours, and if you touch such a surface, then you can also get infected. If you’re sick, then keep yourself isolated till the time you feel better; this will help to stop the spread of the germs. 

It is also necessary for people to take precautions by washing their hands frequently. Keep them sanitized before eating food or doing any other chore inside the house.

Here are simple tips you can use to stop the spread of germs during the flu season:

  • Handwashing is one of the best ways to avoid the presence of germs. Studies prove that most deaths caused by infection and disease can be attributed to insufficient hand washing.
  • Follow the 20 seconds handwashing technique using soap and water. To eradicate the germs, wash between the fingers, around the thumb, and nails. 
  • Do not keep your hands damp as it attracts the most germs. Pat dry your hands with a towel.
  • Make sure you use warm water to wash your hands with soap and water. If you don’t have access to soap and water, use a hand sanitizer or disposable wipes to disinfect your hands and get protection from germs. Eyes, nose, and mouth are the key access points for germs to cause flu. Avoid touching your face whenever you’re outdoors.
  • When you’re traveling in public transport, door handles, armrests, windows, waiting areas, etc. can have traces of germs. Post your travel; it is always necessary to wash your hands.
  • Do not share things like towels, food, beverages, or anything else that may contain traces of germs.
  • Keep germ killer spray in handy so that you can use it before or after touching any surface. 
  • If you have flu, you must wear a mask to prevent the spread of germs. 

To better prevent germs, you can use Dr. Rhazes Germ Kill Spray Foam to protect you from illness-causing viruses and bacteria. The germ killer spray is alcohol-free and moisturizes the skin. Germs can thrive anywhere, and it can remain there for hours if you do not clean and disinfect. 

Apart from the above instructions, one should also practise good hygiene at home. Before and after a meal, wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds. After you’ve prepared a meal, make sure you wash the kitchen counters with soapy water, followed by a disinfectant. In the bathroom area, use the same technique of cleaning and disinfecting the sink, toilet seat, and other frequently touched surfaces. 

To conclude, sickness from flu or other viruses can be prevented if you follow these simple tips.


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