How To Sell Your Unwanted Stuff At A Flea Market

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In many areas all over San Antonio, there are many flea markets, where owners rent space to individual vendors or shops who in turn use that space to sell anything they own or collect from ages. There are types of San Antonio flea markets. Some markets will sell general items that people get at stores while some markets sell antique things.

Steps to start own flea market

  • First, they have to plan their own flea market.
  • They have to convert that market in terms of legal entity.
  • To get rid of taxes, they might have to register their market.
  • It is better to open a business account or register for a credit card.
  • Set up accounts for the sole purpose of the flea market.
  • They have to check if they require any permits or licenses that are necessary for the flea market.
  • It is advisable to get flea market insurance as well.

Things that can be sold in a flea market

  1. Flea markets are a great way for people who want to sell handmade clothes and vintage used clothes. If the seller has an online handmade market where he prepares clothes, he can sell them using San Antonio flea markets.
  2. People who have a more creative side can prepare unique designs for purses or buy vintage ones and sell them instead.
  3. People who have more fashion knowledge can sell shoes that are designer or vintage or from their own closet. They can even sell the shoes for a discount if they don’t want more profit.
  4. People who do artworks can also sell their artwork to the buyers if they are interested.
  5. If the flea market time is before some holiday or in the holiday season, there are more chances if they are selling decorations that can help during the holiday or the festival.
  6. If anyone has an interest in reading books or magazines, they can sell the used ones if they are in good condition.
  7. Toys are common in most households and if the parents feel like their kids are overgrown or not interested in the toys they have, they can make money by selling those toys at San Antonio flea markets.
  8. People have habits of collecting coins and stamps. Such people can bring their collections and sell them after doing some research on the types of people surrounding that area.

Tips to earn more money at a flea market

  1. The earnings at a flea market vary depending on the type of flea market, be it long-term or permanent type.
  2. Short-term flea markets will not charge the vendors whereas the permanent ones will charge the vendors a monthly fee.
  3. Finding a better location where people will be interested in buying things is very important.
  4. Do some research and sell the right items depending on the views of the people.
  5. The price should be given to the items depending on the motive behind that. Prices should attract people and make them interested in what the vendor is selling.


The flea market should be organized correctly. If the people get an idea of what the booth is selling, they will come for hire. Similar items should be placed together and everything should be clutter-free.


Negotiating is also very important and the vendors should know how low they can go when the customer is bargaining.


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