Importance of Documenting the Details after Personal Injury

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After you meet an accident and pick up an injury, you should have basic grasp of your legal rights to receive a fair amount of compensation that will comfortably cover your medical expenses, wage loss, pain and suffering. A pragmatic step and most probably the best one is to take a note of all the nitty-gritties that you can recall, including your injuries and how impactful they have been on your daily life.

Personal Injury Claim – The Winning Formula

The importance of writing everything you can remember about your accident and injury will be best realized after 6-10 months when you will plan to file a personal injury compensation claim or need to send a demand letter to your insurance company. Making a note of everything in details about the accident and the adversities you went though, is much easier than depending on your fragile and volatile memory.

Remember that your side of story is extremely important to establish what actually happened and what you have been going through since the unfortunate moment. Make it a habit to note down everything that you witnessed and experienced and what you think could possibly influence the outcome of your case. Keep these notes separately filed and saved as you might need these through the entire compensation claim procedure.

Whenever you recall something that you failed to remember other times, make a quick note of it and file it with other notes. Followings are some important information that you should make a note of:

How It Took Place

Depending on the type and extent of your injury, it might take you a few weeks or months to recover. But as soon as you get rid of your confusion and can remember everything clearly, try to collect how the accident took place. Start with where you were travelling and what you were doing when the mishap happened.

Also note the time and weather of the eventful day. Make sure to write about the twists, shocks and blows that your body suffered immediately before, during and after the accident. Also try to remember if you heard someone – a witnesses or anyone involved in the accident – saying anything about the accident.

Describe Your Injuries & Their Impacts on Your Life

In the first few days of your accident, pains and discomfort are most likely to be at the peak. When you will get relief of your pain and discomfort, other negativities such as, loss of sleep, anxiety, frustration and worries about your future will press hard on you. Mental suffering, unlike physical pain and discomfort, is not visible but should be considered as these make you entitled for additional compensation.

Describe Your Wage Loss and Other Adverse Financial Impacts

Pain and suffering that you endured due to your accident-inflicted injury are likely to give a blow to your financial status and stability. You may suffer wage loss and miss opportunities for a promotion or better job. Therefore, you need to specify your loss wages, working hours, meetings, events and everything else that have negatively affected your personal and professional life.

Summarize Your Conversation with Witnesses and Insurance Company

Write down the date, time, people you talked to and content of your conversation with them in regards to your accident, injury and claim. Over-the-telephone and in-person conversations with your insurance company, doctors, witnesses and anyone whose statement might bear importance in the case are worth making a written note of.

Remember that even if you maintain a written detail of everything, nothing can substitute the service offered by a competent lawyer from Khan Law Firm PLLC. Hence, make sure that you work with a lawyer immediately after an accident.

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