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Courmayeur is the gateway to Italy, allowing foreigners to witness the very best Italian lifestyle; perhaps you call it the peak and best of Italy. This place is an attractive and historic mountain town, with plenty of old buildings. Unlike other destinations, Courmayeur ski resort has establishments where you can enjoy the food and stuff for souvenirs. You are not only making your eyes and stomach full, but you are also enhancing your knowledge since this place is high historical.

Travel to Courmayeur perfectly fits those who are looking for Instagram worthy spots. It features an elegant mountain getaway together with the ever-alluring four-star and five-star hotel along the valley. There are many exciting and unique features of Courmayeur Mont Blanc offers. It offers visitors to unwind, relax, and reconnect with their inner self spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Courmayeur’s acknowledgment and tourism are indisputably increasing as it attracts people around the globe.

Want to know the main ingredients for the best travel experience to Courmayeur? Good food, entertainment, fun, tradition, sports, shopping, relaxation, and mountain culture. The catch? Of course, the ever nostalgic and elegant scenery of the Mont Blanc.

  • Skiing

First and foremost! If you are a skier, Courmayeur best caters to you! The ski area may be kind of small, but it has all you wish for a thrilling and fun relaxation. The ski experience will surely provide you with exciting and challenging terrain and a number of exacting downhill routes.

  • Food

Of course, food never disappears in the discussion when going on a trip, especially to Courmayeur. Once you touch down at the destination, you’ll see delicious home-cooked food together with genuine Italian cordiality.  You can get a great and delightful lunch for EUR10 in Courmayeur, usually in mountain restaurants. Enjoy the biting taste of rich stews and succulent slow-cooked meats and well as crispy pizzas, al dente pasta, and take the affordable Italian Prosecco as a prize and bonus!

  • Accessible and easy to get to

From Geneva Airport (via the Mont Blanc Tunnel), the travel to Courmayeur is 1 hour and  20 minutes away while from Turin, it is 1 hr 40 minutes.  To be safe, secured, and sure to land, these airports have their own connecting guide services to Courmayeur.  The nearest train station is at Pre Saint Didier (5km), guided using bus service. To get around Courmayeur, you will mostly be on foot if you are around the village.

There is also a ski bus service from the village to the hamlets with the ski area. The ski bus service is open to the public. What makes the travel to Courmayeur is worth it is that there are hospitable tourist guides around. The best time to go would be November until April since this is when the ski area opens.

  • Magical Setting and atmosphere

Located at the base of Mont Blanc, Courmayeur is a 17th-century spa town manifested by its traditional buildings and cobbled streets. This atmosphere will absolutely give you the nostalgic and relaxing atmosphere you are looking for. As you arrive through the Mont Blanc tunnel, you will be impressed by its stunning landscape featuring 14 peaks above at over 4000m. A perfect setting for skiers to take advantage of the mood and the place.

  • Apres-Ski

After long, tiring, yet fun skiing moments, the vibrant central Via Roma is full during the early evening. It has stylish bars and cafes that you might want to try. There are a lot of lovely restaurants to choose from. These restaurants let you savor the foods, and it allows you to feel the liveliness of the place. The cable car in Courmayeur has been replaced with a Panoramic Mont Blanc Cable Car, surrounded by glass open until 11:30 in the evening. The fun thing is that apres-ski exists in its towns and villages and the mountains.

  • Accommodation service

What makes the place accommodating is that the main street consists of the homes of the Society of Mountain guides. With this, you can easily book guides, skiing, and other activities you wish to experience. The high street is a combination of hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, and even bakeries. Despite its celestial view and scenery, you may still also find affordable Courmayeur hotels to suit your budget.

So is the travel to Courmayeur worth it?

Yes. Travel to Courmayeur is a destination to include in your bucket list. From the stunning mountains and the excellent features to the villages’ chilled and elegant vibe of the towns, the place will surely exceed your expectation. Courmayeur has something suitable not just for skiers but also for everyone. From solo travelers to couples, families, to groups, the destination offers a vast range of relaxing and thrilling and enjoying activities that everyone will surely love to return to. So pack your luggage and start looking for tickets and accommodation plans for your extraordinary and unforgettable trip!


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