Important Factors to Consider to Determine Whether or Not Bariatric Surgery Is for You

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If you have worked hard to get rid of excess weight but do not achieve your weight loss goals, it may be time to consider bariatric surgery. This procedure is also a viable option if your weight is causing you more health problems. 

A Port Chester bariatric surgeon performs bariatric surgery meant to make your stomach smaller or change the way it works. After the procedure is done, you will feel fuller when you eat, so you tend to eat less. Then, this will help you lose weight. The procedure can help some people; however, it is not for everyone. This makes it important to know first whether the procedure is suitable for you.

How Old Should You Be to Get the Surgery

Even teenagers can get bariatric surgery as long as they meet certain criteria. The procedure is safer for older adults rather than before. Very young people or those who are more than 65 years old should consider other weight loss options before the procedure. For kids aged 11 to 12 bariatric surgery can change the way they grow. 

What Should Your Weight Be?

When you consider bariatric surgery, doctors pay attention to your weight. The reason is that the procedure is meant to help you manage your weight. You should meet the following weight-related guidelines to be a good candidate for bariatric procedure:

  • You haven’t been able to lose weight despite serious dieting and exercising.
  • You must weigh at least 100 pounds more than your ideal weight. 
  • You suffer from weight-related problems such as heart disease, blood pressure, or sleep apnea. 

Moreover, your doctor will also check your body mass index or BMI, which considers your weight and height. Your BMI can demonstrate whether you are overweight or obese. 

Important Requirements You Must Meet

Before you can get bariatric surgery, you must meet certain criteria since it can have some risks. Also, you must commit to making lifestyle changes following the surgery. This is because the surgery will change what and how you eat. And it may take time for you to get used to the changes. Thus, you should plan for them. 

In addition, you may need to go through a detailed screening. Thus, your doctor will assess your behaviors and health to ensure you are suitable for bariatric surgery. Also, they must know you are healthy enough to go through the procedure. During the screenings, your doctor will also check your medical condition, eating disorder history, as well as eating and exercise habits.