Is a Claim Denial the End of Your Pursuit of Compensation?

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If you were injured in a car crash and the insurance company of the at-fault driver denied your claim, you may still seek compensation for any damage related to the accident. An idaho car accident attorney can review your claim and collect more evidence to support it when you appeal it. They know the reasons injury claims are denied and they have proven strategies to get the compensation you need. 

Why Injury Claims Can be Denied

Injury claims can be denied because of legal reasons. These include insufficient medical proof of your accident injury, questionable cause of injury, very high compensation demands, failure to file a claim within the statute of limitations, and policy lapses. But, despite the validity of the denial, you may still get compensation with the right legal help. A great attorney can collect additional evidence for filing an appeal to the denial, disproving its reason. 

Some reasons for claims denial are not legitimate and insurance companies deal with claims in bad faith. They deny your claim without conducting a proper investigation, offer less compensation than what you deserve, and claim there is a change in policy restrictions. If the insurance carrier of the party who caused your injury denied your claim, you can let a skilled lawyer handle it. A great lawyer knows the right procedures for disputing allegations.

Should You Sue the Insurance Company?

If the at-fault party’s insurance carrier denied your claim without reasonable explanation, your attorney may suggest filing a lawsuit. The majority of car accident injury cases are resolved outside of a court when both sides negotiate a fair settlement. But, you may need to be in court if the negotiation fails. 

By hiring an attorney with experience winning lawsuits, the insurance company may want to settle your claim before you go to trial. The company knows how time-consuming and costly the litigation process is, so they may choose to save money by settling it before trial. 

As an accident victim who sustained injuries, you deserve to work with a legal representative who can help them secure bigger compensation awards. You should not let a claim denial stop you from seeking compensation that will help you move on with life after a traumatic accident. A great attorney will discuss your claim with you and help you file an appeal. They give free consultation and only get paid when they recover funds on your behalf. 

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