Let’s talk about the benefits of the innovative violet glass

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You’ve probably come across a black glass bottle or jar on a trip to the drugstore or supermarket. Although they look black, they are actually dark violet. Violet glass is the new ally in the cosmetics industry, food and any other organic substance you want to keep fresh for a longer period of time. It has been known for many years that sunlight provides energy, but too much light also causes damage. Organic products tend to deteriorate faster if they get in contact with sunlight. This is because microbacteria reproduce faster when they are exposed to sunlight. Microbacteria are responsible for the deterioration of organic products.

A simple but very effective new technology

Sunlight is divided into different types of rays. Visible light, UV, violet and infrared rays. The violet glass acts as a filter blocking only the visible light, which is responsible for activating the microbacteria present in organic products. UV, violet and infrared rays are able to pass through the glass and provide energy to the products inside. Studies carried out by Professor Hugo Niggli have shown that these rays have the necessary frequency to activate and energize the molecular structure of organic substances. In fact, this frequency is also the same resonance as the human nervous system. It is no secret that the most advanced disinfection technologies use UV, violet and infrared rays as their main sterilization tool.

Healthier, natural and with less preservatives

All organic products deteriorate over time. It is a natural law that we cannot avoid. The trick is to develop techniques that allow us to extend the shelf life of organic products. One well-known technique is the use of preservatives. The dark side of preservatives is that they can cause allergies or adverse reactions to our health. Violet glass makes it possible to keep organic products longer with little or no preservatives. Cosmetics, for example, maintain their molecular structure longer. This helps to preserve their quality and efficacy for a longer period of time. In products such as tea leaves and coffee, violet glass helps keep aromas and flavors intact for much longer. If you are one of those who start your mornings with a cup of coffee or tea, you surely want their aromas and flavors to remain as the first day. If it organic and you want to keep it fresh, the best option you have is to use violet glass bottles or jars to store them.


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