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It’s every couple’s dream to have a child after their wedding. Most people will consider their marriage complete once they have children. Children are blessings from heaven; priceless gifts to be grateful for. Those waiting to get children may tell their misery, their burning desire to hold their babies in their own hands. Unfortunately, to some, it remains to be a dream that never comes true. However, infertility is a health condition that affects the body’s ability to reproduce a child. However, not all infertility issues are permanent. Most of them are treatable with successful results. New York Fertility Institute specializes in giving hope to their patients by helping them get babies through advanced treatments and medications. The specialists in surrogacy in Upper East Side, New York allows patients unable to get pregnant to get babies.

New York Fertility Institute is a premium fertility practice located in Manhattan, New York City. Their team consists of fertility specialists, including top doctors and the best family doctors in New York and America. They are highly experienced and skilled to cater to every patient’s needs. They use advanced technology to offer effective diagnoses and treatments to meet every patient’s goal. With over three decades of experience, the practice excels in providing efficient and comprehensive care. They combine traditional fertility treatments, including artificial insemination and in-vitro fertilization, and advanced treatments such as platelet-rich plasma rejuvenation and endometrial growth. The team also provides egg freezing, genetic testing, surrogacy, and gender selection.

The dedicated team understands that every patient is different and unique from the other hence they work with each patient to develop personalized treatment plans. Unlike other practitioners, they treat the cause of the problem rather than the symptoms to ensure your general health. They also incorporate other treatments, including acupuncture, meditation, yoga, and nutrition, from acupuncturists, wellness coach, and nutritionist professionals. They strive to ensure their patients get the best care available. The modern facility has all the equipment under one roof to allow patients to have convenient access to all their services.

They offer services such as:

Artificial insemination

It’s among the most straightforward and minimally invasive methods used to treat some infertility causes. At the New York Fertility Institute, they have experienced fertility experts and have many successful cases. Visit them today to learn more about their services.


Endometriosis affects many women. It’s a significant cause of infertility in women. The fertility expert team at the New York Fertility Institute provides extensive care for endometriosis to treat it and help women get pregnant. Call them today or book online for an appointment.

Infertility health issues are not the end of the world; through advanced medical technology, more treatments and infertility solutions continue to develop. It has brought hope and joy to many whose dreams to become parents have been doomed. New York Fertility Institute is among the leading fertility practices committed to providing compassionate and comprehensive care to patients to help them conceive children. The facility with over 30 years of experience serves the community in Manhattan, in New York City, with effective infertility treatments to help them conceive and have children. They use both traditional and advanced treatment methods to offer the best care available. They are caring and treat patients as part of their family. They are friendly and welcome new and existing patients. Visit them today for services with guaranteed best results.


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