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BBQs 2u is a family business that is passionate about making your parties awesome and more delicious. Their range of products is sure to add the required spices to your party. No matter what your priorities are, be it gas or charcoal, they have something for everyone. Their wide variety of products will leave you in awe.

BBQs 2u is the leading retailer of Kamado joe Napoleon barbecue & Ooni Pizza Oven retailers in the United Kingdom. They are in the business since 2002 and their wisdom and experience has helped them build a successful business and serve so many clients. The aim of the business has always been to offer the best quality products at the most reasonable price. 

Kamado Joe is one of their premium grills. Deriving its design from the ancient Asian style grill, kamado joe has very thick walls which give a very smoky and rich flavour to your meats and veggies. The name is derived from a traditional Japanese wood-fuelled appliance that was used for cooking purposes. You should avail yourself benefits of Kamado Joe BBQ Black Friday sale. 

Because of the thick walls, the Kamado Joe UK will naturally be able to withstand high heat and pressure very efficiently. In a preheated condition, they can easily cook at low and high temperatures till the grill runs out of charcoal and oxygen. This ceramic made grills are very strong as compared with other grills, which are relatively fragile. 

Reasons to buy Kamado joe

1- Airlift hinge– the hinge prevents the damage and cracking of the product. The weight of the dome is also reduced with the help of the hinge. The lid is prevented from being banged shut to shatter. 

2- Wired mesh gasket– the kamado grill comes with an airtight seal. The wired gasket is also very easy to replace.

3- Ash drawer– the grill will inevitably produce ash as you cook in it. The kamado joe comes with an ash drawer and you can easily slide out the drawer to get rid of the ash that is accumulated. 

4- Divide and conquer cooking– you can cook in a boatload of methods. 

5- Hyperbolic insert– this is a heat deflector that produces cyclonic airflow which engulfs the cooking grates in a kamado. They roll over the food and give it a very rich and smoky taste which is irresistible. 

Black Friday sale

All the Kamado joe products are available at slashed prices in the black Friday sales. It is the best time to purchase this amazing product because the prices make it a bang for the buck. The prices of Kamado joe have never been lower and besides kamado joe, all other products like Napolean BBQ, Onni Pizza oven and other accessories too are available at discounted prices. 


Kamado Joe is one of the best grills to buy in the UK’s market. You can reach out on their other social media handles like YouTubeFacebook, Twitter, etc to stay updated with the latest offers. 

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