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There’s something so enjoyable about taking a long motorcycle ride on a hot summer day. Unfortunately, the fun of a motorcycle ride turns into a tragedy all too often. According to the National Highways and Safety Authority (NHTSA) statistics, more than 5,000 motorcyclists died on American roadways in 2019.

“Accidents may never be completely avoidable, but there are precautions that drivers can take to protect themselves better. Taking simple precautions could help to save many lives,” says personal injury lawyer Chuck Boyk.

Here Are Four Motorcycle Safety Tips

  1. Don’t Ride Without the Right Skills

Before hitting the road on a motorcycle, you must have the right skills. Although motorcycle licensing regulations vary from state to state, all states require a rider to have a motorcycle endorsement on their automobile driving license. Irrespective of the conditions set by your state, completing a motorcycle riding test is essential to ensure that you get proper instructions. 

  1. A Helmet Is a Must-Have

Once you get the right skills, it is time to hit the road. But not until you have the right gear. One must-have piece of gear when riding a motorcycle is the helmet. Statistics from the NHTSA show that helmets reduce the risk of rider fatalities by up to 37 percent. So, whether your state laws demand that you have one on or not, it is always a good idea to have one every time you are on the road.

While the price of a helmet can be a factor you want to consider, some of the very cheap options may not offer you as much protection. The best idea is to go for the highest quality helmet you can afford. If you are looking for ultimate safety, it is recommendable to buy a full-face helmet rather than a half-face or three-quarter face option.

  1. Get The Right Attire

While it may look cool to ride in a T-shirt and a pair of shorts on a hot day, it can be very dangerous in the event of a crash. Therefore, you may need to invest in proper riding attire. The best jackets and pants for riding a motorcycle are often durable denim leather, which is resistant to abrasion. This material offers the best protection in case of an accident that could send you skidding on the road. 

Some ridding denim leather jackets and pants include Kevlar panels on the most critical parts such as the knee, elbows, and shoulders that can help reduce the risk of injury to those areas. So, you may want to consider an attire that has all these for improved safety.

On top of that, be sure to invest in the proper footwear. Ensure that your boots of choice have amour over your ankle and the lower shin area. Also, rider boots should have nonslip soles and high-quality ankle support that does not twist. 

  1. Consider Getting Extra Insurance Cover

Accidents happen even to the most careful. While the at-fault’s insurer will be responsible for covering most of your damages in the event of an accident, carrying an extra no-fault personal injury cover is a good idea. 

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